Steam Cleaning

Everyone wishes their family enjoys a healthy lifestyle and cleanliness tops the list when trying to achieve that. The advancements in technology have facilitated multiple processes that help you attain optimum hygiene for your home. One such nifty process is ‘Steam Cleaning’.

Steam cleaning, is deep cleaning without the use of any chemical cleaning agents. It is one of the most effective methods to remove embedded dust, dirt and bacteria.  It is a foolproof cleaning technique, where the steam penetrates surfaces and cleans them efficiently, making it one of the best ways to deal with stubborn and difficult stains.

An environment-friendly product, Steam cleaners clean, sanitise and disinfect using high-temperature dry steam vapour.

Hot steam penetrates the pores of the materials or surfaces and cleans more thoroughly than traditional cleaning, that too without the use of chemicals.

When the dry steam vapour comes in contact with the surface being treated it reaches to the depth to disinfect & sanitise it.

The lack of chemicals in the cleaning process is a huge plus for those who are allergic to them or want to reduce the toxicity in their homes, especially if you have children or elderly at home.

Steam cleaning eliminates all the germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens, mould and mildew on the surface to be treated. The steam vapour is even known to kill dust mites that live in upholstery, bedding and carpets.

One of the first things you notice once you start using a steam cleaner is the absence of any potentially harmful chemical residue. The surfaces you clean are no longer doused with remnants from chemical-based cleaners.

The chemical-based cleaners are harmful to the environment because they leave a layer of residue after cleaning, which tends to attract new dirt, making it necessary to clean more often.

This results in more work and isn’t cost effective in the long run. Also, the more you clean with chemical-based cleaners the more damage is done to the surfaces being cleaned and the environment we live in.

Steam cleaning is not just restricted to upholstery and carpets. Here are a few surfaces you can efficiently clean with a steam cleaner –

  • Greasy Surfaces in the kitchen or bathrooms
  • Car interiors and wheels
  • Taps, wash basins, mirrors, etc
  • Tiled floors & walls, window cracks, door frames, shower screens and other hard to reach places
  • Tough stains in the kitchen on sinks, cabinets, chimney, etc
  • Curtains & upholstery, creases & odour from clothes
  • Jewellery

So it is evident that steam cleaning is a superior approach with benefits of deep cleaning, cost efficiency and is environment friendly too. Make an informed choice and bring home the eco-friendly method of steam cleaning.