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Why Your Home Needs UV Protected Glass Fence?

For giving a stylish look to the house or pool, people get glass fences. The glass pool fences add elegance to the home and provide an unobstructed clear view to the pool. The glass panels make the whole place more attractive, durable, and secure.


Most of the world-class hotels and resorts have tempered glass panels to beautify the entire look of the place. Glass panels are used for commercial, hospitality, industrial, and residential projects.

The ever-changing industry trends have burdened the glass panel manufacturers with providing top-quality glass panels in the quickest time frame to survive in these competitive fields.

The online glass panel manufacturers ensure that the product reaches to the customers as soon as possible.

Frameless Tempered Glass

The frameless tempered glass pool fence panels are readily used in modern homes to give a trendy look to your living area and swimming pool without blocking the view. When you have small children, go for a custom glass pool fence panel for their safety.

Glass fence adds a contemporary touch to the traditional windows, enhancing the entire look of the person. Nowadays, people are obsessed with adding colors to the house mix by choosing from an array of options to make the house look big and beautiful.

The UV protected glass fence has the following benefits.

  • UV protective layer decreases the heat build-up of the laminated components and the film
  • All the glass fences come with the service life warranty of loss retention
  • Glass panels handle extreme climatic conditions
  • Low surface tension makes it inherently dirt-repellent and easy to clean.
  • They are the less expensive option, and UV rays and salt in the air doesn’t cause the transform from clear to cloudy. There are no scratches with the regular cleaning so you can keep it for years.

Why choose Glass Fence over other options?

Apart from giving your house a modern look and giving a good view of the law, UV glass fences are preferred for their strength and to protect you from the harmful rays.

Weather Proof

People prefer UV protected glass fence because they are weather-proof. Either you live in cold, hot or rainy areas, the rain doesn’t degrade the glass panels due to the effect of weather.


Glass fence used for the pool is 12 mm thick to provide maximum safety to you and your little ones.


UV protected glass fence are available in frameless and semi-frameless panels; so make a choice considering your need and look of the place. Houses entirely of glass look great and are secure.

Enhanced Safety for Children and Pets

Small children and pets are more prone to accidents in houses majorly made of glass panels. Every UV protected glass panel is made with an added layer of protection to protect children less than 14 years and pets in the house.


UV protected glass panels are solid as they go through the process of heating over 700 degrees and then cooled quickly. This process makes the glass tough enough to handle the strongest forces and withstand cracking even if someone falls against it.

Easy to Maintain

Every type of glass fence is easy to maintain. The glass panels don’t rust, and there is no need to oil the panels when the temperature dips.

The glass panels don’t need regular maintenance; so you save a lot. They should be occasionally cleaned them with detergent and water to keep them shiny.

The easy installation methods and designs have influenced the cost making it the most preferred option.

UV protected frameless glass panels are comparatively expensive than the semi-frameless glass panels. The contemporary framed look has gained popularity with the high-end metal poles, and are quite costly.

Frameless glass panes have a slightly thicker glass. Installer advises getting the glass panes whose thickness meets code and engineering requirements of your design.

Why Choose UV Protected Glass Fencing?


People are installing glass fencing to have a scenic view in place of a wooden fence. Villas, palaces, and other properties usually have great view adding to their higher property value.

The look of the glass fence can be changed in accordance with the type of fastening system to choose the garden design appropriately.


Enlarges Space

UV protected glass fence makes your yards look broader and bigger. And, when people use the Japanese technique to incorporate the look outside the yard, the glass panels fitted in a way that your eyes are unable to determine a boundary.


Even in places with extreme weather, homeowners install UV protected glass fence after considering their strength and easy installation. Glass lasts a lifetime when you take its care correctly.

How To Maintain UV protected glass Doors & Windows?

glass fence

The UV protected glass panels demand minimal maintenance. Here are some tips mentioned to improve the life of your UV glass windows.

  • Keep the drainage channels free of blockages.
  • Keep all moving parts like hinges, lock assemblies, handles, and patio doors lubricated
  • Clean the UV protected the glass with a clear liquid spray using the soft cloth and for seals use a mild non-abrasive detergent solution to get away with any dirt and grime.
  • Try to avoid abrasive cleaning agents or ammonia for cleaning handles and other metal filaments.
  • Never paint PVC-U window frames in place of that try profile wrapping if you want colored profiles
  • When you open windows regularly to let fresh air in and moist air out, wipe the exposed parts of window or door to remove debris and insects remains, etc.

Glass fences are Canvas for Kids

If you have kids at home, a clean glass fence acts as the best canvas where your kids can draw with washable window markers.

Your kids are away from concrete or other material so your kid can doodle up the fence. To make it more joyful for your kid and minimize the risk, it is best to fence borders with grass in case a washable marker drops your kid can pick it easily.

Cost-effective Purchase and Repair

Contemporary UV glass fencing and some styles with metal clips are used to hold the glass panels in place.

The frameless glass panels sit in a metal channel which is in the entire length of the patio. If by chance any panel breaks, you can easily get repaired the chipped glass out of the channel or reset a new panel.

There are premium quality glass fencing solutions available for residents and the surrounding suburbs.

The high-quality glass fences give business premise or home a new polished look. They are known for protecting the spaces while maintaining the beautiful views. Skillful installation of the UV protected glass fences makes small spaces look bigger.


Most of the people use the Japanese technique to make boundaries non-existent to the eye, giving it a bigger and beautiful view.

Benefits of UV protected glass panels

Research recently showed that noise pollution levels are rising. You get to hear car horns, revving engines, radios, cell phones all day long, and this never-ending noise is harming our health.

People have started installing Quantum2 Heat Mirror windows in their home which protects them from the UV rays as well. The latest heat Mirror technology reduces sound, and the triple-pane window protects from harmful rays. When your home has heat mirror windows, it is really a refuge from the noise of everyday life.

The UV glass fences brighten the room, and your furniture, artwork, and carpeting are not damaged.

The glasses block over 99 percent of UV rays entering your home and allow all other forms of light to pass through, which keeps your home bright, beautiful, and safe. If you are looking for your home window replacement, you should be confident about having UV glass panels installed at the windows.

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