Generally speaking, the neck consists of various tendons and muscles that are connected to the facial muscles and the jaw. Unfortunately, it is also known to be the first place that will show signs of aging in a person. Gravity, sunlight and a lack of exercise are the main causes of a sagging neck. However, as with any other muscle, you can firm and tone your neck muscles through exercises, as well.

You have to make sure that your neck exercises of choice target the muscles that actually hold your head upright, though. Here are some of the easiest and most effective ones:
Sagging Neck

Kiss and Grin

Face a mirror in your room and pout your lips like you are about to kiss someone. Hold the pout for three seconds and then bring your lips back and grin as widely as possible. Hold it for three seconds and open your mouth wide for another three seconds. Do this exercise up to thirty times every morning and night.

Head Tilts

Sit or stand straight with your chin parallel to the floor and turn your head to the left as far as comfortably possible. Then tilt your head back and hold the position for ten seconds. That counts as one repetition. Go back to your original position and do the same, but to the right. Keep doing each side from left to right until you complete ten repetitions.

Chew That Gum

This exercise can be done practically anytime, even while you are at work or watching television at home. To start, look at the ceiling with your chin pointing towards your front. With your lips slightly closed, start making chewing motions like you are chewing gum. Your neck should tighten if you do this right. Do twenty repetitions of this three times a day.

Head Nods

Sit straight with your chin parallel to the floor and tilt your head back slowly as far as comfortable possible or until you can see the ceiling straight ahead. Keep your head like this for ten seconds before going back to your original position. That counts as one repetition. Keep doing this until you complete ten repetitions and do it two or three times per day.

Head Lifts

Lie down and hold your neck on each side with your hands. Then, lift up your head with your neck. You should feel your muscles contract along with your palms when you do this. Do this thirty times. Then, move your arms over to your sides while lifting your head a a little bit with the help of your neck and rotate it from side to side. Do this thirty times, too.
If you want your neck to stay as flexible and as supple as possible, make sure you do these basic exercises every day. Neck massages would be good in this department, too. Just make sure you don’t forget to take good care of both your face and your neck, so that you will look young for much longer and can avoid unwanted aging signs from showing up early on.

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