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Giving birth is a game changer – it’s hardly a newsflash. However, while a lot of emphasis is placed on the fact that this is one of the happiest periods of your life (and also one of the most sleep deprived!), let’s not forget that your body goes through some monumental changes as well.

In and amongst all of the happiest, there’s no doubt that life for a new mom can be pretty tough as well. It can be a lonely time, and it can mean that all of the time that you used to spend on looking and feeling your best dwindles down. For some, this leads to major confidence issues.

Bearing this in mind, today’s article is going to take a look at some of the ways you can boost your body confidence after giving birth to help you along.

Don’t be afraid of treating yourself drastically

While everyone’s circumstances are different, if we were to cast a blanket assumption over most of the country it’s the mom who tends to stay at home the most in the initial months following the birth of a child.

It can mean that a lot is left on their shoulders and as we have already alluded to, it can be difficult to take care of your body.

This means that now can be the optimum time to treat yourself. For some, this might mean a trip to the nail salon, but for others this might mean something like breast augmentation to reverse some of the effects of the previous nine months. It’s an easy way to bring back some confidence, and for some mom’s it’s a no-brainer.

Buy clothes that you love

It’s far too easy at this stage of life to neglect yourself and just concentrate 100% on your new-born. Of course, this is natural and commendable, but you need some time for yourself as well.

In relation to your body image, turn to clothes that you love to wear. You’ll find that this is a sure-fast way to boost your mood and also the way in which you feel about your body.

Don’t pressure yourself with unrealistic fitness regimes

Sure, put together a fitness regime to help you with your body confidence, but don’t be over realistic. Let’s not forget that your time is now more precious than ever, and you probably don’t have the hours that you once did to invest in the gym and all of the exercise you once did.

As such, expecting to get back to that pre-baby body in a matter of months is unrealistic. The celebrities might do it, but let’s not forget that they have all sorts of assistance. Put together reasonable targets so you appreciate that your body is going through a period of change and it will take a little more time to get back to so-called normal.

Be cautious about what you eat

If we were to advise you on one area you should spend more time on it would be your diet. Not only is your baby probably going to be indirectly consuming the foods that you take, but it’s also at the postpartum stage where it becomes easier than before to ignore your former dietary rules you had in place.

Despite your lack of time and energy, try and avoid the urge to binge-eat. Instead, bulk cook, and try and gain as many nutrients as possible through your meals. It will help your body, and also your mood.