9 Most Searched Health Questions on Google in 2018


For many individuals, Google has suddenly turned into an instant Doctor. Therefore, when searching for answers regarding health questions, Google is next searched location in search for answers.

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Despite Googling health associated symptoms not being wise, persons still use this search engine giant when looking for answers.

People looked for numerous health questions in 2018, with some of the popularly searched questions relating to ALS, Keto diet and Endometriosis. Consequently, this article is a list which comprises of the most searched health questions in 2018 on Google. Furthermore, the list released by Google is founded on health inquiries that were collected between January and Mid-December 2018.

9 Most Searched Health Questions on Google in 2018

1. Keto Diet, what is it?

In 2018, the question “What is Keto Diet?” has been one of the most searched health enquiries in 2018 on Google, with it being a puzzle to most individuals after seeing someone suddenly lose pounds of weight.

Whenever you search for the secret to losing weight, Keto Diet is fascinatingly enough the response that pops up. Subsequently, this causes individuals to explore what Keto Diet means.

Usually, the Keto diet prompts the ketosis process, with this process essentially allowing the liver to convert fats into ketones. Thus, the body uses ketones instead of glucose as an energy source.

When appropriately done, the ketosis process enables the burning of fat and the loss of water weight by the body.

Contrary to the common belief of most individuals, Keto diet not only burns fat but also improves the skin as well as serving as a vital treatment practice for diabetes.

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2. What is ALS Disease?

In 2018, the ALS Disease is amongst the most searched health-related questions, with this medical condition affecting the nervous system. An individual suffering from this illness experiences the slow destruction of their nerve cells over time.

Just after the passing of Stephen Hawking who suffered from this disease, people became more curious and got more interested in knowing more about this illness in May 2018.

Right after Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with ALS when he was 21 years, medical specialists projected he would only live for a few years. However, he luckily lived for an additional 55 years before finally dying while he was 76 years of age.

3. What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis also is among the most searched health enquiries in 2018 on Google, and prior to this moment, most of you will have most likely not heard of this medical disorder.

Nevertheless, the moment famous personalities who suffer from this medical condition started talking about it; persons began looking for it on Google. And believe me, Dr Google always has an answer ready for you.

Usually, endometriosis is a medical ailment whereby the tissues which typically line the uterus grow exterior of the organ. Celebrities who have talked about this illness which consequently affects their fertility include Lena Dunham, Halsey and Gabrielle.

4. How Long Does Weed Stay in Your Urine?

2018 has seen the legalisation of weed in numerous stated in the United States; therefore, it is no surprise that individuals are asking some questions pertaining the use of marijuana as well as its likely health effects.

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Subsequently, this has seen this health question is among the most searched questions in 2018 on Google.

Commonly, weed affects the body and brain in different ways, with these effects varying from one individual to another. It is for this reason that some individuals run mad after continued marijuana use whereas others still feel okay even after continuous use.

Depending on how frequent you use weed, it can mostly stay in the urine for more than 30 days. Professionals state that if you use marijuana daily, traces of it can still be noticed in your urine even after three months.

5. How Long Does Flu Last?

It has noticeably been the highest number for more than four decades due to such a vast number of deaths making persons begin reading about the flu. Moreover, individuals suffering from it usually want to know for how long the illness will last.

However, specialists state nobody can stipulate how long the usually lasts in the body due to factors such as how severe the flu is when the patient starts feeling the symptoms and the health of the patient.

6. For How Long is Flu Contagious?

Generally, individuals want to know for how long the flu is transmissible to prevent its transmission to persons around them.

Typically, flu is most infectious within the first four days of the disease.

7. When Implantation Bleeding Occurs

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It is one of the most searched questions in 2018 on Google, especially so by individuals who are trying to get pregnant or are already expectant.

Within 14 days of pregnancy is when implantation bleeding happens, with this being one of the early symptoms of pregnancy.

8. Why Am I Constantly Tired?

It is also another question frequently searched on Google in 2018, but sadly no precise answer exists to this question. Usually, it is so since numerous conditions are responsible for it, and the frequent ones include poor diet, vitamin deficiency among others.

9. How Does A Heartburn Feel Like?

In 2018, persons have often asked the question regarding heartburn, with the cause of the heartburn being stomach acid flowing back into your esophagus. It usually is a painful burning feeling in the chest which can pass up to your neck and throat.

Therefore, these questions are one of the most searched questions in 2018 on Google. If this article was helpful to you, please share it with your friends on social media and also please leave a comment below.

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