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About 80 percent of adults encounter pain in their back at some point in their daily lives. The statistics are quite alarming! It is the most frequent cause of absence at work.

The use of medicine can be very helpful, however, it is always good to know some effective ways that don’t come with side effects. Here is a list of 7 easy ways to stop back pain caused by sitting for too long.

1. Cat-stretching using a chair

The cat stretch can be used to help lengthen the back and ease tension caused in the muscles. This technique can also be improved using a chair.

It is also very easy to do and can be done after a hard day’s job, when there isn’t enough strength to do excessive stretching or yoga.

How it is applied?

  1. All you need is this soft pillow between the chair or stool and yourself. Relax your body on your knees and have your buddy positioned over the seat of the chair. Let your whole body relax and flex your spine around. Your head should also be down. This means, you need to be extremely relaxed to get good result.
  2. Remain in this position until you feel your muscles will relaxing.

2. The use of special tapes to relieve pains

Tape manufacturers say it is very efficient and simple to use. Bear in mind that it’s not just any tape. It is a special tape used in relieving pains and pressures in joints and muscles.

The tape also gives support, increases circulation that aids in healing and pain relief when used on the back.

The tape gently lifts the skin when applied on the body, and it is believed that it helps allows for tiny space between the tissues underneath and the skin. Relief is also felt immediately, very often.

How it is applied?

  1. First have the problematic area cleaned and dried.
  2. Peel of the backing paper in the center.
  3. Allow the end recoil a little just after you’ve applied the first tab to hold down the tape. Then peel off the backing paper.
  4. Vigorously rub on the strip for several seconds after applying the tape. The glue is automatically activated by heat produced from the rubbing on it. Complete adhesion usually takes about 20 minutes.

Please see your therapist on how best to apply this tape.

3. The use of hot stones for relaxing and healing

Getting your own stone is very easy because all you need to do is relax your back at home. You can easily get the stones by the sea shore, on the road if you’re lucky enough, or you can get them in shops. The only thing required of the stones is that they come rounded.

You can get rid of tension caused in the body by placing the stones (warm) on acupressure points. This triggers the body’s own healing process. It is also very vital that you consult with your doctor to give you advice on where to place the stones.

How it is applied?

  1. Have the stone heated up. The stones should be prepared 30 to 60 minutes  before applying them. The water should be above 130°F (54° C).
  2. Rub some massage oil on the stones.
  3. Ensure not to place a hot stone directly on the skin without first running it slowly along your back before placing it on a point. And please, do not rest your back on hot stones!
  4. Lay facing down. Place the stones on your back just along the spine and try relaxing . It takes about 3-4 minutes before the heat of the stones penetrates the skin.

4. Capsicum plaster: a technique that has withstood the test of time

The capsicum plaster has been used to ease pain and muscle stiffness for a long time now and it is very effective. Capsicum Plaster is used to generate heat, but one must ensure not to apply it on unbroken skin.

It is used for nerve swelling, backaches, and stiffness in the muscles. Latest research makes us to understand that is is efficient and is was shown to minimize pain by 25% after third week of usage.

How it is applied?

  1. The capsicum plaster has the “direction for use” on the label that you can follow.
  2. Peel of the liner to use the capsicum skin patch and apply it on the skin just over the affected area. Firmly apply pressure.
  3. Leave the plaster till it’s dry.
  4. Peel of the patch and apply new patch once or twice daily if necessary.
  5. Ensure to wash your hands with water and soap immediately after use.

5. The use of acupressure points

Acupressure points are very useful for back pains, and adopting this technique doesn’t result in any side effects like medication does. This technique can  also be used in your daily routines.

Acupuncture originated from China and it is an ancient Chinese physical therapy. It has become more and more popular each day and it is also a well-studied method for controlling pains in the back. This is done by stimulating the nervous system and discharging pain-relieving chemicals.

Several acupuncture points for pains in the back are located at the backs of the knees, the feet, the stomach, on the lower back, and the hips.

How it is applied?

  1. a. Apply pressure on the points using your thumb and maintain hold for a couple of minutes.
  2. b. Slowly release your pressure.

6. Chiropractic methods for low-back pain

This may also be classified as a good alternative to back pain medication. “Chiropractic spinal manipulation” is efficient for pains in the back.

It basically involves analyzing problems by touching and then manually fixing it. The estimate of chiropractic treatment yearly is 35 million people in the US alone!

Nonetheless, before commencing on any procedure, ensure to consult with your doctor so no you don’t accidentally damage your spine. You can also consult with a chiropractic specialist.

7. Using floatation therapy to rejuvenate your back and the whole body

This procedure is very powerful and has been known to provide quick relief from back pains. It makes use of this special combination of water, magnesium and air temperature inside a tank to heal the body.

This therapy can also involve the use of some special relaxing audio and visual elements. Several studies has shown floatation therapy to be very effective for chronic and stress-related pains.

How it is applied?

  1. You submerge yourself into the tank naked and you make sure you cut off all external stimulations. As soon as you are in, ensure nothing disturbs you, such as light, sound, sight and gravity before closing the tank.
  2. The body is supposed to be be in a very relaxed, weightless and still in the silence and darkness of the tank.

Are you aware of other methods that could be used to relieve back pains? Please, share with us in the comments below.