Baby Food

Recently, some baby food manufacturers have come under attack from organic food devotees because it seems that baby food that comes in jars is not free from pesticides or other impurities.

Unless the label says that food is organic, it won’t be, even for your baby, and there are probably residues from pesticides and herbicides which can make your baby ill.

Of course, we all want the best for our babies, so is it safe or not to buy baby food? Is your own food made at home any safer? Is it healthier or not? What really is the best way to feed your baby semi solid foods?

After your baby gets past the cereal stage and is beginning to explore new tastes, the questions begin. What should you do to feed your baby the healthiest way? It’s hard to make decisions unless one knows the facts, so here are a few to help you decide what is best for your baby.

All food that is canned (or “jarred”) in factories is probably as fresh as you can get it. In comparison, “fresh” vegetables that you buy at the market are often days or weeks old, while that delivered for canning is sometimes only hours, or at the most, a few days old.

If you don’t buy organic food for yourself or your baby, you are probably better off buying organic baby food in jars for health’s sake. A baby’s system is more delicate than an adult’s and herbicides and pesticides can cause allergies as well as other problems.

If, however, you aim for organic produce for yourself, you probably already understand why it is important and you can safely feed your baby the same vegetables you eat.

It’s very convenient and less expensive to mash up or puree a tablespoon of whatever you are having without spices or fats added.

Some parents cook vegetables specifically for the baby and freeze it for later use. That makes sense in most cases, but if you do, don’t leave it in the freezer more than a couple of weeks.

It will still be good, but may lose it’s flavor or texture, in which case your baby might not care for it. No matter what decision you make, your baby’s health is the most important thing to think about. Cost comparisons show very little actual difference, so feed your baby the best you can.