old person

There are many options for health and living care for older adults, but many prefer to stay at home. Home is a comforting place where older adults feel safe and accustomed to. Many older adults like to stay at home for as long as possible to be able to enjoy family and be comfortable.

However, home health care can be difficult and assistance may be needed it is important to understand your assistance options so that you keep your loved one happy and comfortable.

It is very natural for an older adult to want to stay at home but as the care giver, you must understand if your loved one can actually stay home. You will need to evaluate several factors such as PNR Enquiry to see if your loved one is ready to stay home without the additional care of a nursing home or a care facility.

  • Where is your home located? Are you nearby shopping or medical facilities?
  • Is your home modified for your loved one? Do you have enough space or wheelchair access?
  • Do you have the support of the family or friends? Will you have help with your loved one?
  • Can you handle the medical conditions of your loved one?
  • Are you financially able to handle the medical expenses and care for your loved on in the home?

Full/Part Time in-home nurse

After asking yourself these questions and you feel that home health care if the best option for your loved one, you will need to look into assistance. You have the option of hiring a home health care nurse for limited time frames or full time hours. Home health aides can live in the home or visit to be able to care for your family member.

This is a commonly used option as full-time care may be needed, especially if your loved one is in the final stages of life. With full-time care, you will have a certified nurse on hand 24-7 to care for your loved one. You will need additional space for this option to give the live-in nurse and area in which to sleep and live.

The nurse will administer medicine, check vitals and keep track of the health of your loved one. You are relying on the nurse to give your loved one the best care possible.

Personal Care

You may be in a position to require just a personal care assistant. This will mean that you have someone come in the home to help dress, feed and bathe your loved one. You will hire this person for just a few hours each day to provide the daily care and help with tasks while you are at work or outside the home.

Day Program

Another option for older adults is Day programs. This option could be considered a senior daycare. You will send your loved one to a facility where they can interact with other seniors and enjoy social activities. These programs may offer social and recreational activities or programs specially created for conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

These are just a few of your options when it comes to home health care. Take the time to research your local options and find the best choice for your loved one. By interviewing candidates for home health as well as programs, you will feel better about the care your loved one will be provided with. Be sure to speak with your loved one about the options you are considered so they can be included in the decision, if they are mentally able to do so.