The use and the popularity of electric toothbrushes are increasing day by day. More people are using electric toothbrushes nowadays than ever, you may also have heard about them.

So lets see what are the advantages of using an electric toothbrush.

It works faster than your normal toothbrush

We all know that a manual toothbrush takes around 2-3 minutes but an electric toothbrush can do this work in just 30 seconds to 1 minute. So if you are like me who is a bit lazy and wants to get things done faster than it will work for you.

It works more efficiently than your normal toothbrush

A manual toothbrush works as we want them and an electric toothbrush works as they want. Meaning, an electric toothbrush is primarily programmed to work accordingly and it will work like that, whether you use it properly or not. So in a nutshell if you can get better teeth cleaned than manual toothbrush.

It’s the best for people with motor problems

People having problems with their hands like arthritis, etc. can easily brush their teeth without having pain with electric toothbrush, whereas in manual toothbrush they need somebody other to brush their teeth.

Better for people with braces

If you have had braces than you must have felt the pain of brushing your teeth with a manual toothbrush, it just hurts.

But with the invention of electric toothbrush and its modern technology it’s just gone, with the help of its pressure controllers you can control the pressure it applies to brush your teeth and hence you can brush your teeth without pain.

Its simply cleans more dirt

This is mostly debated but I have felt that electric toothbrush removes more dirt than your normal toothbrush with the help of its vacuums.

You can also remove all the dirt with the help of your normal toothbrush too but it can sometimes happen that you forget or you miss out some area which is probably less possible in an electric toothbrush. Hence I think they clean the dirt better.

It gives your mouth fresher breath

If you are having bad breath than the first reason that is inevitably there is you are not cleaning your tongue properly and hence the bacteria’s are not getting cleaned and forming a layer which is causing bad breath.

So if you use an electric toothbrush you can clean your tongue with the inbuilt tongue cleaner and make your breath fresh.

You can get your kids brush their teeth easily

Everybody know small kids don’t like to brush their teeth and how much drama do they do to brush their teeth. But If you give them some musical electrical toothbrush it will fun for them to brush their teeth unlike manual toothbrush and hence they are more likely to brush their teeth without much problems.


Hence these were the benefits of using an electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes gives us the feel of the modern world, they makes us feel that we are progressing.

And finally it totally depends upon you if you want to get it or not, if you just want a simple toothbrush and don’t want to get more messed up than you can also get the manual toothbrush. It’s just fine.