Hair Loss

Anyone who has ever experienced even slight hair loss has found themselves wondering what they can do to make it stop – but can you reverse existing hair loss? Though it’s a much thornier question, there are a few treatments that can keep hair loss at bay.

These tips may not give you locks like Jason Momoa, but they can help you protect what you have for years to come.

Master Massage

If you’ve noticed your hair is thinning a bit, one of the best ways to give it a boost is by massaging your scalp. That’s because scalp massage increases blood flow to the area, encouraging growth and even increasing hair thickness.

Additionally, the massaging motion stretches the skin on the scalp, which can benefit hair growth and increase both length and thickness, with the added bonus that, even if it doesn’t work, a daily scalp massage will feel great and probably leave you less stressed.

Light It All Up

Another treatment that has been shown to reverse hair loss is the use of light to stimulate hair follicles, and the underlying mechanism is similar to that involved in scalp massage. Formally known as low-level light therapy (LLLT), the light used stimulates blood flow to the scalp and can even regenerate hair follicles.

It can take at least six months for LLLT to reverse hair loss; the first 30-90 days of treatment are just about stopping further hair loss, but the fact is that hair growth is a slow process.

While it can seem like our hair grows constantly and quickly when it’s healthy, it actually grows slowly over months and in cycles that are individual to each follicle.

Study Your Scalp

While it won’t fully reverse hair loss, improperly caring for your scalp can make the situation worse, so if you notice any thinning, it’s important to make sure you understand your scalp type.

For example, dry hair is especially prone to falling out, but adding some oils during your scalp massage can help immensely. It’s also important not to wash dry hair too often, as that will wash away the natural oils.

Add-On Oils

Oils aren’t just helpful for dry hair; certain varieties can also help to reverse ongoing hair loss. In particular, many professionals recommend rosemary essential oil, which can stimulate hair growth and also relieve dandruff, while others recommend vitamin E, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

In those with male-pattern baldness, saw palmetto oil can also help reverse hair loss because it contains an enzyme that blocks testosterone’s conversion to DHT, which is the cause of such baldness.

Introduce Aloe Vera

Finally, if you’re looking for a good home remedy for hair loss, aloe vera – the same substance you use for sunburns – can help revitalize your scalp.

In particular, aloe vera can remove sebum build-up from hair follicles, which can block new hair from breaking through the surface of the scalp, and it can be soothing if there’s any inflammation.

To use, you can either apply aloe vera to the scalp directly, or use hair products like shampoo that contain aloe in their formula.

Over time, hair loss may overcome some of these solutions, but during the early stages, they can slow or even prevent further thinning and give you several more years of thick, luxurious locks.

All it takes is a little time and attention caring for your scalp each day to slow time’s effect on your hairline – and your confidence.