Hair loss, weak, dull and lifeless hair – these are some problems which are not uncommon. Following are the ten herbs and vitamins for hair growth that “thou shalt” take to get some gorgeous looking hair.


Silica renders the hair resilient by providing strength and subsiding breakage and weakening. It also adds luster and volume to the hair. Silica is not very difficult to afford which makes it is an extensively used herb for brittle or damaged hair.


It is the superstar among herbs and vitamins for hair growth. Used as an oral supplement it grants beauty and shine to the hair. Its name comes from its oblong brush-like countenance. It is a rich reservoir of silica that keeps the hair healthy.


This is an ace vitamin for hair health. The B vitamins help keep a check on hair loss and these also encourages hair growth. These are frequently recommended to patients suffering from acute hair loss problems as a result of chemotherapy.


Rosemary is a remarkable herb that is used topically to stimulate hair growth and improve the health of the scalp. One may apply it to the scalp to enhance circulation and tosmoothlyeliminate dandruff and excess sebum – two villains that inhibit healthy growth of hair.

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 aka panthenol is a common ingredient of shampoos and other hair repair products that help with the thinness and weakness of hair. It is capable of entering into the cuticle and expanding the diameter of hair. It is a good vitamin for hair growth when used topically.


Hops, as we know are a main ingredient of beer. They act excellentlyas a natural hair conditioner. Its topical use helps soften hair remarkably.

This herb again contains silica, so it also fortifies the hair from within. It is used as a major ingredient in many hair solutions that offer hair repair.

Vitamin B12

Want of vitamin B12 in the body causes anaemia, which inhibits hair growth. Supplementation through foods is highly recommended in case of deficiency.

Acute deficiency may demand a combination of a vitamin B12 rich diet as well as B12 supplements.

Green Tea

Green tea, as is common knowledge, contains great antioxidants. One of these is EGCG – Epigallocatechin Gallate that fosters hair growth. Besides this, green tea also comprises of vitamins C and E, two important vitamins for hair growth.

Vitamin E helps restore healthy hair; and vitamin C shilds the hair against UV radiation. It also has Panthenol, a pro-vitamin that fortifies hair.

Antioxidant vitamins

Vitamins A, C and E are the anti-oxidants that work well for the health of the hair. They strive for an increase in general health of the body, thereby catering to the daily nutrient needs of the hair.

They also aid in maintaining healthy connective tissues and stimulating cellular growth. Vitamin E improves circulation in the scalp which causes hair to grow. A diet replete with these vitamins for hair growth results in voluminous and lustrous hair.


Garlic, a staple in any Indian kitchen, fights bacterial infections tooth and nail, without any side effects. Its potency is known to be more than that of penicillin. High level of sulphur content in garlic is instrumental increasing the production of keratin ensuing in swifter growth of hair.

Garlic also houses small quantitiescalcium, zinc, potassium, manganese, iron and copper which make it an astonishing herbal supplement.