Genital Warts

Human Papilloma Virus is the causative organism for genital warts. The virus is available in various strains, and it can be contacted by many people in their lifetime.

Some of the complications associated with genital warts are increased chances of developing certain cancers, complicated sex life, and itching.

There are several things you can do to get rid of genital warts. Genital warts manifest as flesh-colored or soft pink bumps in the genital area.

Once you notice this, then you may have a genital warts breakout in the making. The growth comes up as a cauliflower-like thing due to HPV infection, which is the most common of all the viruses causing sexually transmitted diseases in the United States.

The virus cannot be cured, but you can treat genital warts. After treating the growth, you may not have it again for a long time to come. Be that as it may, genital warts cannot be removed forever as long as the HPV causing it is still in place.

HPV is a lifelong, chronic infection.  This means warts may come back even after you have treated it.

Can they disappear naturally?

If you do not want to wait for natural removal, what will be the outcome of treating genital warts? Or will it remain on the skin forever?

As hinted earlier, HPV has no cure. This means you will never be able to remove the virus once it gets into your body. The virus will remain dormant and inactive in the epithelial cells of your genitals.

The viral particle can become active if you are subjected to triggers, like illness or stress. The active virus will then replicate and manifest as genital warts on your skin.

The following are the general characteristics of genital warts

  • They are painless normally
  • They grow in clusters
  • They have cauliflower shape
  • They are raised.

They come in various colors, like yellow, pink, tan or brown. Many people mix genital warts with ingrown hair, pimple or mole. Once genital warts start growing, it will increase to a certain size and then stop its growth.

Genital warts will not remain on the human skin forever, though.

The natural method of removing genital warts

You can leave genital warts to go away on their own without applying anything. The replicating HPV should be allowed to run its course under the skin. It stops multiplying once its course ends.

Your immune system can also rise against the virus and its growth, leading to its deactivation. As a result, genital warts will shrink in size over time. Then it will disappear in no time.

The only problem is that this natural method will take longer than when you apply medication to treat the problem.  If you want to go the natural method, then it is not right to scratch warts. If you do, you will experience pain and bleeding.

How long does it take genital warts to disappear naturally?

The disappearance can take weeks or months to occur.  Genital warts will go away in about six months. However, genital warts do not go away in some rare cases. In such a case, you will have to depend on medication or surgery.  While handling genital warts, you need to be patient. Also, do not get them aggravated.

Never attempt to have sex when you have a genital warts outbreak.  Even if you do not have any genital warts at that time, the HPV can spread to your wife or girlfriend.  Even condom does not give 100% assurance that you cannot transfer it to her.

Some think HPV infection can affect pregnancy, but this is never the case. There is no research backing up such fear.  It does not harm the fetus or complicates the pregnancy.  Keep in mind, however, that not all the genital warts drugs can be used during pregnancy.  Before you take any of the medications, make sure your doctor is aware.

It does not matter where genital warts appear on your skin; you will have to wait for the same length of time before it can disappear. They can all disappear irrespective of where they grow.

When you cannot wait, can you go for treatment?

Genital Warts

You may not see genital warts until some weeks or months after having HPV infection since HPV symptoms do not show immediately. There are instances in which genital warts do not even come up until years after HPV infection.

HPV, aside from causing warts on the external parts of the body, can also cause warts on other arts, like lips, mouth, tongue, and throat.

Genital warts may clear off after about two years in some individuals. However, you can speed up the process by applying treatment.

The genital warts treatment, aside from removing warts, can also be useful for the following:

  • Remove warts that are difficult to clean
  • Reduce the risk of transmitting the HPV
  • Relieve irritation, itching, and pain.

At times, it may not be right to wait out genital warts to get removed naturally.  Some factors may determine your decision about treating genital warts or leaving it to go naturally. 

Some of these factors are discussed below:


Generally, you will not experience any pain when dealing with genital warts.  Be that as it may, you may have difficulty or pain when urinating. The problem can also lead to infertility in some men. You will feel uncomfortable if it grows in the anus.

The discomfort also increases if genital warts grow very big. In such an instance, the affected individual may want to treat genital warts without waiting for the replication virus to stop.


You may want to get rid of genital warts very fast even if you are not experiencing any physical pain or discomfort.  The growth can be embarrassing, and it may cause psychological discomfort, which may prompt you to want to get rid of it fast.

Certain strains of HPV can cause risk factors: Genital warts. Some of these strains can also cause certain forms of cancer. Example of such is cervical cancer in women.

In recent times, cervical cancer is associated with HPV, and the rate is increasing.  It can also cause penile cancer or anal cancer. Genital warts treatment is being sought by millions of people each year.