Hair Straighten

Hair straightening goes back to almost 1890’s and has been developing in its efficiency ever since then. Many people still prefer getting their hair straightened and there are many methods that can help them do it.

All of this hair straightening makes use of heat either via air or through iron plates. Today, all these hair-straightening products are more efficient and guaranteed to cause absolutely no side effects. However, there are many facts and myths related to hair- straightening.

  1. Myth – Straightening hair increases hair fall

Fact – Hair straightening does not increase hair fall always.

Always remember that your hair will fall off one way or another and straightening might increase this hair fall if the procedures are carefully followed. Always make sure that you apply lotion or protection sprays before and after straightening.

  1. Myth – Straightening hair will cause permanent damages to your hair

Fact – This will be true if you do not get your hair-straightened by an expert or professional

Hair straightening can cause permanent damages to your hair if you get it done from an unprofessional and inexpert person. However, there will be little or no damage if you get your hair straightening done by an expert.

  1. Myth – Straightening hair can remove split ends.

Facts – yes, it will remove split ends.

Hair straightening can remove split heads, but, if you don’t apply protection lotion or spray before and after straightening then the process can lead to negative effects only.

  1. Myth – Hotter the iron plates or air is, the better the straightening will be

Facts – If you do not apply protective spray or lotion before straightening process, then the hair might fry and break.

Studies have indicated that a normal hair can have a maximum heat threshold of 450 degrees Fahrenheit and the hair will burn if this temperature is exceeded. So, be careful enough to apply protective lotion or spray before and after straightening.

  1. Myth – All the hair products are same and it is all about toning up the heat

Fact – This is not true, both expensive and cheap hair products can cause damage if used without care.

Not all hair products are the same, iron heating plates, ceramic heating plates, and titanium eating plates all exhibit different characteristics, and the same way the protection sprays and lotions. It is all about the brand and the customer reviews. Be careful enough to check both these.


There are indeed many myths related to hair straightening, however, many experts have debunked these myths. Feel free to get your hair-straightened from a professional hairdresser or an expert.