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Hair Problems and Natural Solutions From Experts

What is hair problem? These problems also called defects in hair, are unpleasant hair situations affecting head, scalp, and other body parts where hair grow in multitude. Although, people with hair mostly complain of falling, there are other characteristics accompanying that which include; Dandruff, hair coloring, dull and freezing hair, flaky scalp, and split ends.


Application of different creams, plating and showing off difficult hairdos, attachments, shampoos and other chemicals are known to be the things causing hair problems. Your hair truly makes 90% of your selfie, embarrassment and low self-esteem are not the only effects, irritation, itchiness, uneasiness and many tiring situations arises from hair problems.

Life is never perfect, accepted, but your hair can hit hundred percent perfection within a short period of time by just dedicating yourself to these natural hair remedies listed and well explained below.

Relax, you are about to get your head back in shape, but before that, let me explain why you have thin hair.

Why You Have Hair Problems? Let’s explore

In reality, there’s no such thing like people with bad hair, all we have are those who have always met the wrong stylist. Suffering from dandruff? Blame it on a hairstylist.

A large percent of people are having worst nightmares with their hair due to organic products (most especially shampoos). Dandruff and coloring arise as a result of poor saloon hygiene, so the need for hair hygiene arises as a response to how to prevent flaky scalp.

The use of dirty combs, sharing of combs, and uncontrollable scratching of head also add to this dilemma. What are then the effective preventive measures for split ends and other hair-related problems?

How to Prevent Dandruff and other hair issues

Hair Extensions

Good hair days can actually gift your heart with “I an rule the world” prowess. Combs smoothly go through your thickness, binding your hair, making it fall on your shoulders can boost your self-esteem, to top it up, you easily win your audience’ heart.

This is evident from a speech made by Michael (The famous male stylist) who said, he makes hair contact before eyes contact whenever he come across with his customers, and that is same for me. Now that your hair is till a golden crown you don’t want to get removed, let me show you tips to keep hair beautiful. Prevention is better than cure, so they say.

  • Wash hair, at least, twice a day
  • Keep hair moisturized always
  • Never overuse organic hair products
  • Do not share hair combs and brush
  • Keep hair kit sterilized after use
  • Stay away from hard to loose hairstyles

6 Natural Remedies for Hair Problems

  • Coconut oil massage
  • Neem
  • Licorice root
  • Onion juice
  • Green Tea
  • Potatoes and Honey
  • Chinese Hibiscus

Coconut Oil massage: applying coconut oil or other virgin oil like olive, will bring back glory to any fallen hair. Coconut oil is antioxidant in nature, making it nature’s powerful treatment for scalp infection. Some antibacterial are also present in almond oil that fights against bacterial causing dandruff.

To use coconut oil; rinse your hair and apply oil the root your hair, to get rid of worn out cells and tissues. Massage gently for an effective hair treatment. Ensure heating coconut oil before using to ease absorption. This process should be carried out once a day, and hair should be washed after 15-20 minutes of application to keep off dust.

Neem: Do you want to get rid of dandruff fast while still using your shampoo? Good news! Boiling Neem leaves in water is that is needed for dandruff-free hair. Boil a bowl of water with washed Been leaves, and allow the boiling to continue till the water level drops to half its former size. Allow cooling and rinse your hair with it after using shampoo. Neem stimulates easy blood circulation under hair root after killing those harmful microorganisms, winning back your hair confidence.

Licorice root: With Licorice root, it is possible to get rid of scalp irritation overnight. A mixture of licorice root, saffron and milk, should be worn till the morning when it is washed away with clean water. This mixture is a good remedy for hair infections in both male and female, adult and adolescents.

Onion Juice: onion juice could be the best decision you will ever take on how to treat hair problems quickly. Squeezing or mashing onion to extract onion juice can easily be done after sliding it. Onion juice contain sulfur for blood circulation under the hair, of this juice is mixed with honey and then applied, every hair infections can be cured. To prevent your hair from smelling of onion, add a reasonable amount of rose water. Use cotton wool to apply the mixture on the head skin and leave for 30 minutes before rinsing.

Green Tea: Green Tee is a natural hair booster. It replaces dead fallen hair with healthy ones, as well as restore the shining prowess of our hair. Apart from working as a remedy to diabetes and fat, green tea uses its antibacterial to disinfect the hair, making it germ free.

Potatoes and Honey: potassium deficiency had been found to play a big role in causing infections to the hair. Do you know a single potato has about 35% potassium and other hair nourishing nutrients like zinc and vitamin C? For a quick hair treatment, peel a clean potato and grind with a blender. With the use of a clean mesh cloth, draw out the potato water, mix with honey and a small amount of water. Applying for 30 minutes before washing.

Chinese Hibiscus: heating about 12 Chinese Hibiscus flowers in coconut oil, and applying the oil on your hair after cooling is an escape from falling and can also treat curly hair. Meanwhile making a paste by mashing Chinese Hibiscus flowers and mixing with sesame oil can work on severe infections.


This article is for informational/educational purposes only. Healthtian does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, read more.


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