Tooth Decay

As nature would have it, humans generally get only two sets of teeth in a lifetime. Unfortunately, our teeth aren’t decay-proof, so they require constant care to ensure they remain strong and healthy.

Some simple ways have been revealed by dentists that have been proven to significantly improve the health of our teeth, and even prevent them from decaying. These methods are so simple that you’d wonder why you never tried them in the first place.

Let us look at them one after the other, shall we?

1. Watch your sugar intake

Let us hit the nail on the head. In case you don’t know, too much consumption of sugar can damage your teeth. And when I say sugar, I’m not only referring to the sugar you get from candies, cakes and cookies; I’m talking about the sugar found in your food.

Fruits, potatoes, bread, rice, etc. all contain a considerable amount of sugar that is harmful to your teeth. Consider visiting your doctor to help you re-order your diet.

2. Oil drawing

Oil drawing also referred to as oil pulling, is an effective cleansing method used in preventing the development of cavities or caries in your teeth. It is done by drawing out bacteria present in the teeth.

This process can simply be done by applying oil that contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties. A good example is the coconut oil or sesame oil and can be used as a mouthwash for up to 15/ 20 minutes. Rinse your mouth after and watch your teeth experience divine transformation.

3. Brush your teeth twice a day

If you are mainly on the quest to save your teeth from decay, brushing your teeth once a day isn’t enough. Brushing at night before bed after you must have brushed in the morning is an excellent way to go about maintaining healthy dentitions.

Brushing your teeth at night also helps you eliminate plaque build-up, and food stuck between the teeth. It also removes bacteria that can cause periodontal diseases. It is best to brush in the morning when you wake up from sleep and at night before bed.

4. Pay attention to your tongue

Quite a number of people who spend time brushing their teeth fail to pay attention to their tongue, but fail to understand that the teeth and gums aren’t the only parts of the mouth that can house bacteria.

The tongue that secretes saliva and used for tasting, asides the teeth we use for biting and chewing, is also an essential part of the mouth that needs the attention of your brush also. Spend some time gently brushing on your tongue to eliminate any traces of bacteria.

5. Pay attention to the minor details

From time to time, get a mirror and examine your mouth thoroughly. Check between your teeth, monitor how red your gums turn, raise your tongue and check for sores, inside your mouth and your tongue as well. Check for any anomalies that may require the attention of a dentist.

Do not wade off any little changes in you may notice in your mouth. It is probably something serious. It may be your body’s way of telling you something is wrong.

6. Don’t brush too much

Too much of everything, even if they are good, isn’t good. Brushing the teeth too much isn’t an exception. You could wear down your enamel if you brush your teeth more than twice a day, or using hard brushes and pressing too hard.

Just because the teeth are a strong part of the mouth doesn’t mean you should wash them as if they are car tyres. Gently brush your teeth like they are eggshells and you wouldn’t have to worry about being the cause of your teeth problems.

7. Drink green or black tea

Apart from the apparent health benefits of drinking green and black tea, they can also help keep your teeth healthy. “Camellia Sinensis” plant found in tea has been discovered to help protect the teeth from cavities. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a cup after having too many sweets.

8. Don’t forget to floss

It’s one thing to properly brush your teeth, and it is another thing to ensure that you go all the way to removing all stubborn bacteria in the mouth. One sure way of doing this is by flossing. Flossing regularly helps prevent plaques and cavities from doing any kind of damage. It also prevents gum diseases, bad breath, tartar buildup, and more.

9. Consume foods that improve your dental health

Mother Nature has blessed us with varieties of foods that not only strengthen our teeth but also help fight against teeth decay and cavities

. Most dairy products have been found to reduce plaques and even re-harden enamel. Carrots and apples have so many benefits that they can increase the saliva production in the mouth, which reduces the level of bacteria.

10. Visit your dentist at least twice a year

You can’t be too thorough with how you monitor the health of your teeth when you don’t consult the opinion of a dentist. This is why it is essential to visit an expert to check your teeth to see if something is wrong before it gets too late.

Having a dentist regularly check your teeth also helps prevent more serious problems from arising. To maintain proper oral health, at least two visits a year is okay.

Do you by any chance know any methods you could use in preventing decays and would like to share? Please leave the tips in the comments. Thank you.