Water Breaking in Pregnancy

It seems all the advice on the internet about pregnancy announcement centers on when you should share your good news and how to share it. The problem is sometimes, it’ just not the right time to make the big announcement.

Sharing your news with someone at the wrong time is most often than not, met with a reaction that you don’t like. Consider these tips on when not spill the beans to avoid reactions that will hurt your feelings.

In public

When you bring up this kind of issues in public, you stand a chance of not getting vibrant reactions. You also might not get any reaction at all.

If you had hopes of a firework reaction, this – to a huge extent – can have dampening effects on what you’re expecting from the people you’re sharing with (and also, on your emotions).


While it might be comforting to some people when you reveal the news about your baby, it may also cause a distraction to others. So try not to make the announcement during an official funeral proceeding.

Someone else’s big moment

Though, it might be a great idea to make your announcement at a family gathering where everyone is present.

It is vital to ensure that you’re not stealing someone else’s thunder. So refrain from sharing your news if someone else has just made a huge announcement like their own pregnancy or their engagement. This also applies to breaking the news at someone’s wedding.

When you’re mad

It’s pretty easy to throw a quick jab with something like “well I’m pregnant – so there!” But hold your horses and avoid making such declarations. Not only will it kill the joy that accompanies such an announcement, but it’ll also be unfair to the other party.

During a job interview

While letting your boss know about your pregnancy is always better coming from you. It’s regarded as bad form, bringing it up in an interview.

It’s illegal to be asked if you’re pregnant and even if the baby bump is showing; it’s probably wise to tell. There’s a lot of time to do that once you have the job.

When close to people with sensitive issues?

Announcing your pregnancy in a group that includes your friend, sister or sister-in-law who just had a miscarriage or has gone through years of infertility is considered bad form.

You should give them the courtesy of informing them of your plan ahead of time so they can at least know what’s coming or decide to excuse themselves. Also try as much as possible to be polite, so you don’t appear to be rubbing it on their faces.

To your kids until you’re ready to tell the world

Although, informing your kids that they’re about to have a new sibling is a great thing, but make sure to time it well. Revealing that you’re pregnant to your children is as good as announcing with an “I’m pregnant” poster placed all over town.

As soon as your child is told, even if they’re old enough to handle a secret, they will go around town, sharing the joy with everyone they meet. The younger they are, the more accurate this is.

Before you’re ready to talk about it

Once you reveal you’re pregnant, everyone will have a question or two for you. If you aren’t ready or prepared to discuss it, then don’t share. Sometimes, you might not want to share the news because of fear of miscarriages.

Other times, it could be that you’re just trying to work through your feelings. But whatever the reason for delaying, brace yourself for an onslaught of questions once you finally spill the beans. When you feel it’s time to share the good news, consider who you want to share it with and when.

Also, consider how to break the news. Some couples choose to try something creative with the announcement, either with the family on a small scale or a larger scale for social outlets like Instagram and Facebook.