get fat naturally

There are some skinny people who are not satisfied with their bodies and what to add weight; it is not a bad thing or bad idea so far it is done in a natural and safe way. It is a welcomed idea if this will boost their confidence, self-esteem and make them love their bodies more.

The main way to gain weight is to eat more calories than you burn; if the calorie intake is higher than the calorie expenditure, then you would gain weight. You need to create and take in surplus calories; eat more food than you do now to put on weight.

The main reason people are skinny is because they don’t eat a lot; although most skinny people think they really eat but that is not the case and even if they do, their calorie expenditure is always higher than the calorie intake.

Other reasons for inability to add weight is that some people have a harder time gaining weight because they are more active. They are known as hardgainers while ectomorphs are people that are skinny naturally because they have small frames and are not born to be big and strong.

No matter the type, whether skinny people, hardgainers or ectomorphs; eating more calories than the calories burnt can make one add weight. Metabolism, skinny build or genetics has nothing to do with this; these groups of people just need to eat more food than the average person to put on weight and get bigger.

The three important steps needed to gain weight are nutrition, training and consistency. Below are the necessary things to do if you want to gain weight naturally.

Eat more food

To gain weight, you need to take in more calories than your body burns; find out how many calories you need to gain weight, you don’t just assume. Then you consistently eat more calories.

Make sure you track your progress while doing this by weighing yourself every week, at the same time and same day every time; for best thing do it immediately after waking up after you have urinated. Weighing yourself every day will confuse you because weight fluctuate daily based on your stomach/bowel content, water/salt intake and so on.

Keep eating the same amount of calories if you gain weight; and if you don’t gain weight even after eating the same amount of calories for two weeks every day then you need to increase your calorie intake. Add more calories per day and repeat until you gain weight.

Eat lot of protein

Proteins are the class of foods which help in building the body. Adding lots of proteins to your meal is an easy way to get fat; to effectively add weight and build muscles, one need to eat 1g of protein per pound of body weight daily.

Eat whole proteins in every meal; some best source of proteins that can help one gain weight are whole eggs, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, steaks, chicken, sardines, mackerel, tuna and salmon.

Also add fats and carbs to your diet because they have more calories than proteins; avoiding them will make it more hard and more expensive to gain weight. Also to gain weight and add muscles, you need some amount of fat.

Take lot of smoothies and weight gain shakes

Blending foods to liquid form makes digestion quick and easy than solid foods; this makes one not to feel full for long and one can eat again more quickly. Weight gain becomes easy when some of your calories are in liquid form.

You can make your shakes at home and take regularly. Here is a simple home-made shake for those who want to gain weight.

You will need 100g oats, 1 large banana, 1 tablespoon peanut butter, 300ml whole milk and 2 scoops of whey protein. Mix all these in a blender and blend till smooth; you can use it for breakfast while you eat two solid meals and some snacks inbetween. This will help you gain weight easily.

Eat regularly

Try to eat at least five meals a day; for examples if someone needs 4000kcal/day to gain weight, it is best to eat 5 meals of 800kcal than three large meals. Eat small meals to avoid health problems.

Increase the time available to eat 5 meals a day by waking up early to eat breakfast; you can have breakfast at 7am, snack at 10am, launch at 1 pm, snack at 4pm and dinner at 7pm.

By eating this way; your meals are smaller, you don’t feel stuffed all the time and your stomach have break inbetween. It is hard to follow this meal pattern if one only eats between noon and bedtime.

Most skinny people find it hard to do this and they quit before going far. Avoid intermittent fasting if you want to gain weight; it reduces the time for eating and it is mostly used to lose weight or maintain weight.

Your foods should be dense in calories

Don’t forget to add green vegetables, cruciferous vegetables and fruits to your diet; they are healthy and help in maintaining a healthy body but they don’t have many calories; so most of your diet should consist of caloric dense foods. Eat vegetables but also eat lots of foods that have many calories per serving.

Foods high in calories and good for weight gain are meat (beef, chicken and fatty fish), nuts (walnuts, almonds, peanuts, trail mix and mixed nuts), fats (avocado, coconut and olive oil), dried fruits (dates, apricots, prunes and raisins), whole grains (oats, rice, sandwiches, bread and pasta), diary (whole milk, cottage cheese and full-fat yogurt), potatoes, yams and sweet potatoes.

Limit your intake of junk foods; you can eat little but not frequently (it is ok to cheat once in a while) to avoid health problems and also to avoid gaining weight around the belly, they can also make you fat in the long-term. In gaining weight, the quality of the food matters as much as the quantity.

Eating quality foods supplies the body with essential and vital nutrients for muscle growth and recovery. It maximizes weight gain and increases strength. You can follow this rule; 90% quality foods and 10% junk.


Exercise like lifting weight; it helps your body to build muscle mass, it also increases your appetite which helps you to eat more. If you don’t lift weights or you lift them wrongly; all the excess foods you are eating will be stored as fat especially around the belly.

You will be chubby not muscular. Go to a nearby gym and register and if you want to do your at home, then make some research on the best exercises to use and how to do them.

Remember to rest; don’t train every day, your muscles need to recover from the workouts. They can’t grow if you train everyday with exercise; three days a week is enough, what you need is more calories.

Treat underlying medical conditions

Some people find it hard to gain weight because they have medical issues they are unaware of or maybe aware of.

The most common health conditions that make people underweight are: a weak or suppressed immune system, nutritional deficiencies, fertility problems and development issues in children and teens, depression, irregular periods, osteoporosis, anemia, kidney problems, dry skin, thinning hair and chronic fatigue syndrome. If you suspect any of these conditions then you need to see a doctor ASAP.

What to avoid?

Avoid weight gain supplements; they are usually filled with cheap and dangerous sugars that make one fart and fat. Instead go for regular whey protein; it is cheaper and healthier because it contains vital nutrients.

Avoid refined and unhealthy foods; avoid alcohol, stress, sedentary lifestyle, and less of night sleep. Avoid dehydration; try to stay hydrated as water helps the body function well and plays a significant role in increasing weight.

Avoid white refined sugar; it is bad for the body and it destroys the body if taken in excess. It can lead to cardiovascular disease, leaky gut, chronic fatigue, diabetes, metabolic disease and unhealthy weight gain. Also avoid foods that contain white sugar and soft drinks or sweetened beverages.

Avoid refined carbohydrates; they are stripped of their nutritional values, they are rich in sugar which triggers the release of insulin. Excess of refined carbohydrates will make you gain weight but it will also affect your health negatively.

It will affect the levels of your insulin; it will also increase the levels of triacylglycerides and cholesterol. White breads, white pastas, white rice, baked goods, cereals and refined grains are made from refined carbs, so they should be avoided.

Avoid hydrogenated oils; they contain trans-fats that interfere with the normal metabolism of the cells. These oils are not healthy for the body and they can cause health problems like digestive disorders, heart disease and high cholesterol.

Hydrogenated oils include soybean oils, vegetable oils, canola oil and corn oil. They will cause inflammation in the body, prevent healthy weight gain and slow the recovery of muscles after a workout.

With the above steps; you should be able to gain weight successfully and improve your self-esteem and confidence. Just make sure it is done in a healthy and safe way.