Modern humans tend to consume unhealthy foods that are highly processed and hence the increase in diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases among others. Living a Paleolithic lifestyle aids in countering unhealthy foods such as GMOs and artificial foods, focusing more on traditional food that is fresh and contains fiber as well as proteins.

Paleo Restart is one of the programs that you could make use of when you want to lose weight. This program takes you 30 days and offers guidance tips on how to lose weight sticking to a particular diet of Paleo recipe.

The program helps in keeping track of your progress, knowing what types of food to shop and how to prepare your meals. Below is a list of the common foods found in a modern Paleo recipes.

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Fish and seafood
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Eggs
  • Honey
  • Coconut

Sebastien Noel is the man behind the invention of Paleo Restart program, motivated by some health complications that he encountered as a child including gut systems and migraine headaches. He did research on nutritional foods and health and discovered pristine ways of eating that sustained those who lived in the old days for many years.

  1. Recipes for breakfast, lunch and a variety of snacks that are tasty, nutritious and most importantly simple to make.
  2. Exotic classic recipes that include Ingredients such as coconut, ground beef, okra and tacos to mention but a few that ensure you have sufficient ingredients when making your Paleo meal.
  3. The book offers crafty advice on making healthy and nutritious diets as well as exercise and lifestyle tips. You also learn how to track your weight loss program through badges and points system that the book provide.

Apart from the cookbook, Paleo Restart has a lifetime membership where you can get more advice and enjoy long term benefits once you get acquainted with the program in the first 30 days. The program has a 60-day money back guarantee allowing you time to decide whether to pull out or to continue with the program.

Some of the advantages of Paleo Restart include:


The program is accessible through a dashboard that one can access using any digital device including smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.

Sufficient for many people

A whole family can make use of the program enabling them to improve their eating habits. This is because Paleo recipes can be made to feed up to four people.

Suitable for anyone

People who cannot eat foods such as eggs due to allergies or other reasons can still find nutritious food to eat. The program offers a guide to alternative meals for this category of people.

Easy to follow

The guide tips are quite easy to follow and hence you can stick to your diet.
One of the challenges of this program is that it is a self-study course and may require a lot of dedication and discipline that not everyone has. The other one is that there is less background information on how the program is beneficial.

Paleo Restart program provides you with essential resources and leaves you in charge of your health. How you set your goals and implement them determines how apparent your overall health becomes.