Plastic Surgeons

Founded in 1931 the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) now lists over 7000 certified members. Needless to say it is big business and, there is lots of competition for the Plastic or Reconstructive Surgeon.

With a median income of $264,000 and top earners making over $500,000 annually it is clear why this lucrative field has had a 24.4% growth rate over the past 10 years.

For the Surgeon this means of course, even more competition. It is becoming ever more imperative that, as with any business, the Plastic Surgeon must offer something unique in His or Her practice to attract new patients. Marketing for Plastic Surgeons is nothing new but, it is now more important than ever.

Word of mouth in the form of personal recommendations, referrals and, testimonials has always been the best form of advisement and will most certainly continue to be so. However, in this new High Tech Information age we live in Social Media and the Internet must be taken full advantage of if one is to stay on top of the game.

That is why Web Marketing and Hosting should be taken so seriously, it is the first place people will go now days to get the information they are looking for and this includes finding the best Plastic Surgeon.

There are many Company’s or Firms specializing in Web Page design and,some dedicated specifically to the medical industry who are out there looking for your business. It is wise to find a good professional service for this job as the site will be a direct reflection of what makes you the surgeon of choice.

The Web Site will include everything about ones credentials, qualifications, certifications, specializing ability’s, reputation, letters of recommendations, photos and, maybe even video.

The site has to be not only informative and interesting but, entertaining visually. It must capture a potential patient’s attention and lead them to conclude, this is the surgeon for me! Increasingly, Plastic Surgeons are using Facebook and Twitter as well as other Social Media to advertise their profession.

Keeping in touch with heartbeat of an aging society in need of cosmetic services is one sure way to stay on top. According to the reports of the ASPS for 2013, Americans accounted for 15.1 Million cosmetic surgery procedures and, business is expected to only get better.

The ASPS also reports that at least half of it’s certified members regularly engage in Social Media so, although most do it, the question is then, who does it better? This is indicative of the great importance for a professional service to design, host and monitor an effective Social Media Web Site.

It is the difference of setting one apart from all the other drab common sites and offering something different and exciting for the public to see. It is impossible to stop the future and it seems if though Web Marketing has decided to be a big part of it. Therefore, the best thing to do is jump in there and take advantage of it’s unlimited potential.