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Top Practice Growth and Marketing Platforms for Doctors

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It’s no secret that technology and health intersect for better care, without it the patient and doctor inevitably experience unanticipated consequences like a missed test result.

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It’s imperative that healthcare practices make fundamental improvements of the patient experience through technology, particularly if the practice plans to accommodate Millennials which are not only the largest age group in American History but also at the height of their spending years.

Patients expect to get the information they need to select a provider at their fingertips, and private healthcare practices must adapt or eventually be forced out of business. Here are the top practice growth platforms.


PatientPop makes it first on our list as this company was the first to introduce the practice growth platform, and to date is the only all-in-one HIPPA-compliant solution. The platform provides healthcare practices with all the tools necessary to grow and manage its practice across online and social platforms.

The platform allows patients to book appointments, manage its online reputation and automate front office tasks–including sending out automated surveys to leave reviews that help boost the practices online visibility.

Whether you’re a psychiatrist or an orthopedic surgeon, PatientPop has the tools and integrations to streamline and grow your practice.


Zocdoc helps patients book appointments online, find providers near them, and (securely) share their personal information with their provider. Providers list their practice on Zocdoc so they can be matched with the right patients.

Because patients search for providers based on everything from location to insurance provider, Zocdoc uses an algorithm that connects people based on their specific criteria. ZocDoc is not an all-in-one solution, it simply feeds doctors with patient appointment requests.


Revenuewell platform is designed specifically for dentists to market and manage their practice. The software allows customers to fill out their information prior to entering the office, which can help reduce the number of no-shows.

Staff can organize all data electronically under the correct patient name, reducing the chances of mix-ups or mistakes. Doctors can use iPads to create a custom treatment plan for patients and allows customers to sign directly on the device.

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Solutionreach takes an upfront, no-nonsense approach with the medical practices that use their technology. Their goal is to fill appointments and boost profitability on a daily basis. The company has been in business for several decades now, and their expertise is apparent in their numbers.

A full 25% of all patients connect with their provider through Solutionreach. The software includes reputation management with the ability for patient’s to leave reviews as well email marketing.


Officite is an all-in-one solution modernizes your website to give your patients the best experience on your website. So if you want to make your site more mobile friendly across all devices, you can use this tool to get your site up to speed.

Their editor tool also it simple to adjust and format the content on your website. Officite uses up-to-date SEO tactics to connect with searchers who will directly benefit from your searchers.

Doctor Genius

Many medical providers have struggled with how to present themselves online. Doctor Genius addresses all aspects of your virtual marketing and fine-tunes it so patients can form a lasting impression of you.

Doctor Genius makes everything user-friendly for your patients. Their tools streamline the navigation on your website, so a visitor can go from mere curiosity to confirmed booking in just a few clicks.


DoctorLogic uses the power of local content to drive website traffic. The more customized your site is for neighborhood users, the more likely it is that potential patients will find you. The site targets up to 50,000 local keyword searches related to your practice.

So whether someone searches for “dermatologists in Cleveland” or they search for “dermatologists near me”, your practice will be one of the first to pop up.


Your patients are busier than ever before, which is why they need online appointment scheduling to better manage their own care. Demandforce provides the scheduling technology for both your website and social media platforms, so it’s easy for patients to choose you.

The software also automates follow-up messages, so you can communicate with patients without losing time. Your patients will appreciate the extra attention, which can increase your retention rates across the board.

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In today’s over-saturated world, patients are looking for providers who make booking appointments easy and communication with their healthcare provider effortless. Growth technology platforms can improve the quality of patient care by cataloging information and freeing up more time to do what they do best.

The right platform can also make your patients’ lives easier by giving them convenient tools that will actually help them keep their next appointment rather than putting it off for the fourth time.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.
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