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How Cannabidiol is Transforming Pain Management Care?


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Just about everyone has heard about cannabidiol, better known as CBD oil by now, since legalization is sweeping the nation. More than half the county has favorable cannabis laws which allow patients and doctors to use marijuana derived medications legally.


Plus, the federal government recently enacted the 2018 Farm Bill, which broadly legalized industrial hemp as a taxable commodity. All of this has contributed to massive amounts of cannabidiol becoming available on the open market, in most major cities.

Moreover, the pro cannabis movement can be felt around the world in 2019, as more and more people seek out the health benefits from using CBD oil.

What is Cannabidiol, CBD?

Within the marijuana hemp-plant are many cannabinoids, of which we know two the best. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive part of marijuana, and Cannabinoids (CBD), which are the healthy, yet non-psychoactive part of marijuana.

Both cannabinoids offer measurable health benefits, but CBD does this without intoxication, or negative side-effects. It’s important to note that CBD is legal in all 50 states now, and you do not need a prescription to buy and consume it in 2019, so long as it meets the 2018 Farm Bill requirements.

How Does CBD Oil Reduce Pain?

The most interesting part about how cannabidiol (CBD) works is because it systematically interacts on a molecular level in the endocannabinoid system. This system naturally governs many functions in the body like, hunger, sleep, inflammation, pain, anxiety and others.

CBD interacts with certain receptors called CB1, and CB2 receptors, which are located throughout the body, and in some cells. The communication between these systems becomes elevated, and its through this interaction that the health benefits become apparent.  Some of the reported benefits you can expect will be;

  • Reduced inflammation which contributes to pain symptoms
  • Muscle spasms will subside
  • Relieves anxiety and tension
  • Improved focus and energy levels

What Do the Experts Say?

The recent interest in using CBD oil for pain and other conditions has sparked studies by trusted sources to determine the true health benefits.

A recent, 2016 study by the NIH concluded that CBD oil was useful in treating pain, with little to no side-effects considered to be negative. Moreover, they stated that CBD provides some neuroprotective properties, while producing minimal risk for addiction.

What is the Best CBD Oil for Pain Relief?

It’s important to understand what the best CBD oil is, and why, before you head over to the local corner store to buy some. Not all cannabidiol is the same and some companies are producing low quality products that will not provide the health benefits you expect.


There are several key factors which determine the strength and purity of the CBD oil products as follows;

  • CBD oil must meet 2018 Fam Bill requirements of over 10% CBD, and under .08% THC by volume
  • Must be 100% organic and pesticide free
  • Request to see 3rd-party lab testing on the CBD oil for sale

If you stick with these 3 requirements it will ensure you receive high-quality CBD oil which will make the difference in the way you feel while taking it.

Should I See A Doctor Before Taking CBD?

Even though it’s legal you should always seek the help of a certified physician before starting any dietary supplements. Because more than half the country offers legal marijuana there are plenty of doctors with experience using cannabidiol to treat pain and other symptoms.

Seeing a doctor will ensure your taking the correct dosages for your specific body chemistry. Plus, if you’re not feeling the desired results after a couple days or weeks, your doctor can adjust your treatment plan to fit your health style needs.

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