Butt enhancements

What was first regarded as strange is now the norm for many people and for a diversity of reasons. When plastic surgery procedures were first introduced as a way to change the way you look and perfect your features, it was viewed with some apprehension; and horror stories about botched surgeries didn’t help the cause.

As time has gone on, however, society has not only learned to accept this practice but also see the usefulness it has for people who use it as a medical tool. Today the science behind these procedures has grown to the point where plastic surgery begins to resemble an art form.

Most procedures are run of the mill, alongside stranger and stranger procedures entering the market on a yearly basis, adapting to people’s wants and needs.

In this article we will examine the common, and not-so-common, plastic surgeries that people go under the knife for.

Breast Augmentation

The “poster girl” for plastic surgery has and always will be surgery that deals with the reshaping of the breasts.

It’s common knowledge that when plastic surgery first came to prominence this was the one that stood out more than most, but over the years its usage and usefulness has evolved.

Whereas before there was a craze for models to go bigger for aesthetic reasons, breast surgery is just as valuable for women who need a reduction for a more comfortable life.

Even more so, it is used as a means of proactively fighting against breast cancer. If breast cancer runs in your family, this surgery can remove potentially harmful cells before the disease starts to spread.


Some fat in your body just has a way of sticking around a bit too long, and sometimes never goes away. The common liposuction surgery procedure eliminates that fat to give you the body that you deserve and aids you in your quest for perfection.

Liposuction is not tummy tuck surgery. It is for people who are healthy and of a normal weight who just want to rid themselves of excess fat that is in the way.

It targets a number of areas include the buttocks, abdomen, arms and thighs and results in a more contoured physique.


For those in search of the fountain of youth, there is an answer. There are a variety of factors that cause people to look aged, such as exposure to elements, genetics and lifestyle habits, but this common procedure aims to reduce the effects.

When done properly, it is difficult to notice that someone has undergone the surgery if you didn’t know them before.

For all the botched photos you see of people looking freakish, there are countless more examples of this surgery done right, which also helps to improve self-esteem and confidence.

Butt enhancements

Kylie Jenner butt

You know what society at large finds beautiful in the human form is changing when words like ‘bootylicious’ have found a home in the Oxford English dictionary!

Many people find that they’re putting hours into the gym, performing squats every single day, but they still don’t have the shapely derrière that they desire.

Not getting the results you crave can cause disillusionment as to the point of staying fit and trying so hard in the first place – but thankfully you can get a helping hand.

Butt enhancements can contour a saggy or flat posterior into one that will leave you staring into the mirror and sharing those ‘belfies’ with enthusiasm!

Plastic surgery is about enhancing the way you feel about yourself and with the popularity of shapely backside in today’s world, this procedure is high on a number of people’s lists.

Six-pack creation

When we think of plastic surgery, we more often than not have this image in our minds of women going under the knife to achieve new age perfection.

Call it bias or blame the media, the fact is that not much thought is put into how many men undergo these surgeries as well.

Although slightly more expensive than eating right and hitting the gym, men have been choosing to have six-pack surgery (or ‘abdominal etching’) to give them a set of abs their Instagram followers can drool over.

Whatever way you see it personally, this is but another modern and more instantly gratifying form of #transformationgoals.

Voice lifts

If you thought plastic surgery couldn’t get any weirder, then think again! For those aspiring young artists who give their all on shows such as “The Voice” and “Idols” but only end up in a race for the wooden spoon, there is hope at last.

You probably still won’t be able to shatter any glasses once the surgery is complete, but voice lifts are a niche product designed to tweak your vocal chords to sound younger and more harmonious than before.

Finally, karaoke night can be yours!