Breast Augmentation

To many, breast augmentation is done purely for vanity reasons. Of course, the definition of “many” tends to focus around the groups that haven’t really investigated the real reasons why people go through this type of procedure.

It’s only when you delve into these reasons that you start to realize that the decision-making process behind deciding on this surgery is actually quite a drawn one, and isn’t spur of the moment so to speak. Through today’s piece we will take at some of the more surprising reasons why women will choose breast augmentation surgery.

The post-pregnancy motive

As we all know, the body changes monumentally during pregnancy. The breasts are by no means excluded from this, and are probably impacted even more than most other body parts.

Usually, they will droop or possibly decrease in size. A lot of women will opt for implants, as this can restore their chest to the pre-pregnancy stage.

The post-weight loss motive

We are all told about the wonders of weight loss, and this would not be an exaggeration. In other words, we don’t need to go into the obvious benefits.

Something that a lot of people don’t realize is that there can be some side effects. When you lose a large amount of weight, your breasts can be impacted as well. They might not seem quite as “full”, and this is another reason why women will consider something like augmentation to renew them in accordance with the rest of their new-look body.

They want clothes to fit better

This next point might raise a few eyebrows, but if you have studied the fashion industry in-depth you will know all about fits and how you, or someone you know, just can never seem to find garments that fit properly.

While the reasons for this can be far and wide, one point surrounds the breasts. A lot of clothing manufacturers design their garments so that they fit any woman who has a C cup breast. Suffice to say, not everyone falls into this category, and it’s these sorts of difficulties that can convince some women that they need to take action.

They may have small breasts to start with

Sometimes, it’s not about being subjective with breast size, there are conditions such as micromastia which mean that breasts can struggle to develop following puberty. Suffice to say, this can hurt a lot of people’s confidence and is subsequently a big driver of augmentation procedures.

Post mastectomy

This final point we are going to look at might not be the friendliest topic, but a fair proportion of women who are considering a breast augmentation are doing to because they have recently had a mastectomy.

This surgery can reconstruct their breasts and while this tends to be a lot more advanced than a “simple” augmentation, one of the main benefits that women speak about is the renewed confidence that they feel following the procedure. It can heal a lot of emotional wounds.