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Planning to Get Away: Escape Domestic Violence

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It seems it takes a national headline story to bring awareness to domestic violence. It is only then that people begin to pay attention and actually consider its harmful consequences to society as a whole.

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Every year in the U.S. some four million women are the victims of abuse from their parent. The number of men being abused by their partner is also on the rise, with a reported 1.3 million complaints around the U.S. in 2013.

Children who witness abuse suffer both short-term and long-term consequences which include depression and anxiety and other mental health disorders; an increased risk of drug use and alcohol abuse; learning problems; legal problems and a continuance of the pattern witnessed as a child.

It is hard to accept the fact that you are being abused, especially when you love this other person so much.

You’ll find a way to blame yourself for making your partner angry and you’ll believe all of those promises to change.

The look in their eye is always so sincere after abuse has occurred, and heaven knows you want nothing more than what you started out looking for: a loving partner.

You hope and believe and even pray for a miracle. The sad truth of the matter is that you are being abused and you are unlikely to ever see your partner change.

If your partner has struck you in any manner, threatened to cause physical harm or verbally abused you, get out now.

Get out while you still have your pride and dignity and your compassion and liveliness. I’m here to tell you that staying drains it all from you and they never change.

You’ll regret the decision to stay, if not now, later down the line. You must believe that you are worth more and put on a Super Woman cape to do what could be the hardest thing you’ll ever do in your lifetime: walk out that door.

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Planning to Leave

Have a pre-packed bag that contains birth certificates, social security cards, shot records and other important information.

The bag should also contain a pre-paid cell phone with phone numbers of family and friends, cash, a copy of your restraining order, if there is one in place, an extra set of car keys and a list of domestic violence organizations in your area.

If you do not have a restraining order, get one now!

Have an escape plan in place. Keep in mind that you may need to leave without notice. Be prepared.

Talk to someone that you trust. They can be a great shoulder to lean on and for moral support, and they’re probably up for helping you get away from your abuser.

It takes courage to walk away, but be prepared to do just that.

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