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Many people do not believe that long distance relationships can work. Families, friends and even coworkers may tell you not to take the relationship seriously or else it will only leave you with a broken heart.

Of course, no one would tell you that long distance relationship is going to be easy. Those miles apart from each other can also make some things unattainable. There are things that can go wrong and you may feel lonely sometimes.

But those extra distances can make all the simple things sweeter such as being able to eat together, hold each other’s hand, being able to hug or walking together, these things can mean much more.

LDR can be hard but it also has its own surprises. Here are some tips to have successful long distance relationship:

See LDR as an Opportunity

There is a saying, “If you want to live together, you first need to learn how to live apart.” Take this as a challenge that both of you need to learn. This is just a test. Do not think that the extra distance can only pull you apart.

Instead, believe that all the experiences you get can only make the two of you stronger than ever.

Set Rules in Relationship

Both of you need to be honest. You have to tell your partner your wants and needs in a relationship. You need to set some rules in order to be clear in everything and one would not be surprised by the action of the other.

For example, are you exclusive or is it fine to still do on dates? What’s the level of your commitment?

Always Communicate

You do not have to talk 12 hours a day. Just keeping the communication going is enough to let your partner know about what’s happening on your life. Do not forget to greet each other good morning as well as good night.

Send photos and videos to your partner. These little efforts can make your partner feel that no distance can tear you apart.

Do Things Together

You can watch movies by clicking the play button at the same time. This way, you can watch the same scenes even if you are away from each other.

You can also play online games together or sing together via Skype. There are still many things that you can do even if you are miles apart.

Be Honest With Each Other

Always tell the truth and never lie even if it is just a white lie. Talk about your jealousy, insecurities, fears or anything.

Do not try to hide anything as that is not healthy for any kind of relationship. Open your mind and heart to your partner.

Pay Visits to Each Other

The very highlights of LDR are visits. After the whole waiting and absence, you can finally see and hug each other! You can finally get to hold hands, kiss, and hug which are common to other pairs but more special for people in LDR.

There will be rainbows, fireworks and butterflies around you.

Know Each Other’s Schedules

It is also important that you know each other’s schedule. You will know if your partner is busy or available so you can just send a text message or call without disturbing him or her. Know when there are events going on in your partner’s school or workplace.

Share a Common Goal

Eventually, the two of you need to settle down. Talk about the future and your dreams. Where do you want to live when you get married?

When do you plan to move together? Sharing the same goals can strengthen your relationship as both of you are looking forward to achieve it.