Feeling stressed or insecure about yourself? Think twice before reaching out for that tub of ice cream to make yourself feel better.

Your mental and physical issues can be solved if you follow a regular dose of an easily and freely available medicine – Exercise!

Apart from the obvious physical changes any form of exercise or sports activity can give you there are many advantages that exercise can do for your mental health as well.

While you are breaking a sweat running that extra mile to challenge your physical needs, you are unknowingly stimulating various nooks and corners of your brain.

Let’s get into detail about how exercise helps in shaping up not only our bodies but our minds and our social lives too.

Got the blues?

Adding only 10 minutes of physical activity to your busy schedule can be life changing. Exercise releases endorphins which lift your mood giving you an optimistic feel.

Need an instant mood changer?  Start the day on a good note by taking a walk outside.

Exchanging cheerful greetings with familiar faces at the park or gym takes away feelings of isolation. Team sports or even a yoga class inculcates healthy competition with your peers and gives everyone a common socializing platform.

Turn your frown upside down

After intense research on the relation between depression and exercise it has been found that exercise can be as good as antidepressant pills to those that suffer from mild or severe depression problems.

People who are low in self esteem are very likely to be depressed and vice versa. The same goes with diseases like arthritis, diabetes and depression. Exercise is the only medicine with absolutely no side effects that can help control and reduce these ever-growing problems.

Your confidence booster

Exercise is evidently the best solution to cardiovascular problems, diabetes and blood pressure. By just penciling in some time during the day you can help turn back the clock and begin a beautiful anti ageing process.

These physical and mental changes will boost your confidence and self esteem in the long run. Take the wheel and gain control over you mind, body and life.

Matters of the mind

Let’s face it, as we get older our depleting brain cells weaken our grasping abilities. The cells in the hippocampus which are in charge of memory and learning get affected with age.

Just a little bit of aerobics or yoga can shake up these cells by putting them to work. Research has still not found a cure to Alzheimer’s but exercise can help delay its occurrence.

Whatever helps you sleep at night

Exercise helps regulate your sleeping patterns? As exercise make you more active throughout the day when the moon is out your body clock is well aware that it is nap time.

For many people, exercise is the the last item on their daily list. This attitude needs to be curbed.

For instance, Santa Monica, CA encourages all type of physical activity from yoga to beach volleyball so that people get inspired by looking at each other and don’t perceive it as a task anymore.

You do not need to be a gym rat and buff up those muscle to get fit. Be it dances class or aerobics, tennis or golf, a stroll in the park or a leisure swim, get started today!