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5 Exercise Gadgets That Help You work Out While at Work


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Due to increase in the 40 hours a week jobs, most people can hardly find time for any physical activity. Exercise is a proven way to boost physical and mental wellness. However, training takes time, and of late it has become a very precious commodity. The working environment of the 21st century requires that people sit on a desk and in front of a computer for 70-90% of their weekday hours.


The reduced physical activity in the human body is not healthy and can be equated to a tranquilizer dart. According to reports by CNN, most people earn a living by sitting down for the most of their lives. Another study suggests that women who spent more than six hours seated were 40% more likely to die than their counterparts who spent more hours engaging in physical activity. Men had 20% more chances to die under the same environment.

Sometimes, sitting will not kill you, but it will lead to serious medical conditions. Another study done by the University of Sidney’s School of Public Health in Australia, suggested that sitting down for long hours raises the risk of dying from metabolic diseases and heart conditions. Some active concepts have been developed for our workstations.

The health implications have motivated the innovations that neutralize the effects that sitting for long hours have in our bodies. We have compiled five gadgets that can help you build some muscle and burn calories while at work. These devices will help a great deal to have a little exercise for your busy schedule; this is regardless of whether you are a working parent or just a busy freelancer.

Hydro Flask

Hydro FlaskDrinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water on a daily basis is always advised by nutritionists and dieticians. It turns out however that the suggestion that everyone requires the same amount of water oversimplifies things. The fluid requirement to body mass ratio requires that men need 125 ounces of fluids.

As compared to women who have a daily requirement of 91 ounces. These fluids include water food fluids and other beverages. The 21-ounce bottle is a sure way to ensure that you satisfy daily tour requirements. You can fill the flask with green smoothies complemented with apple cider vinegar, coffee or actual water.

The hydro flask can keep liquids hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. You can also carry the flask outdoors during your morning runs, or anywhere else you decide to go outside your office. The hydro flask also comes with a choice of 14 colors.

Evodesk XE

Evodesk XEA recent study suggests that sitting for long periods of time can have negative implications, whether you exercise or not. It is critical to ensure that you are standing and having short walks around your office on a regular basis before you start a routine on your exercise. Making a routine visit to the water cooler every half an hour will be of great benefit.

However, some jobs cannot allow constant interruption and that’s where this nifty standing desk comes to play. Installing the Evodesk XE is very simple and only involves setting it on top of your regular desk. It has a button that you can use to adjust it to a height that you are comfortable.

The Evodesk XE comes in a choice of three models with materials that are very environmentally friendly. The materials are either bamboo or wood. Most organization will cover the cost of a standing desk, and it won’t hurt to ask your boss for reimbursement.



FitKitThe two main reasons why people skip gym sessions are the inconveniences involved in traveling and limited time. It can also be very unpleasant to leave your office or home particularly during the cold months of the year. However, technology has evolved, and now you can carry your gym to your workplace or any other place away from home. This eliminates the commitment to commute and having to deal with time constraints.

The FitKit includes all the necessary components that are required for working out your whole body and comes in a sleek and portable case. It also comes with workout cards that will suggest your body workout routine on a daily basis. You can carry it on your messenger bag and leave it in the office so you can access it quickly whenever you have free time.

Suunto Spartan Trainer Wristwatch

Suunto Spartan Trainer WristwatchIt sometimes becomes difficult to reach your goals in fitness with the use of fitness trackers. However, the trackers increase your levels of physical activity. For people who find it hard to commit to a physical activity, the Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist Watch can be of great help tracking your fitness routines.

Some people would argue that the tracker goes on your wrist and not your desk. That is true, but the trainer watch comes with the Suunto Movescount application to schedule and uploads your workouts. It also has a sleek design that sets it apart from other fitness trackers in the market today. The trainer wrist watch also makes it easy to pair with appropriate dresses or suits. It also comes with multiple color options that you can choose.

DoubleFlex Portable Resistance Trainer

DoubleFlex Portable Resistance TrainerThis magic device is a scale down from the Bowflex. The inventor scaled it down for NASA astronauts to work out while in the space station the results were so outstanding that he came up with the DoubleFlex Portable Resistance Trainer for the people here on earth. The device is efficient and very lightweight. This space resistance trainer could be precisely what you need for your routine workouts. It also has the bonus that it is cool enough for space astronauts. The resistance trainer offers an ideal and practical work out in between your calls, and it’s not too bulky for storage.

With these at work training devices, you have no excuse to slack off your workout routine even during the days that you spend your whole day at the office. We can find all sorts of devices that will keep us healthy in this day and age thanks to technology.

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