How to be Physically Active Despite your Busy Schedule

Working out is inevitable. Don’t believe me? You can only be as physically unfit and unhealthy for so long before the dreaded free radicals, stress and burnout finally get hold of you. Then what?


You take a break and wonder what you did wrong – heck, even your doctor will tell you to be more active, even on your first visit. So how can you kick being unhealthy in the nut? Here are five easy activities you can start with:

Wake up Early

You’re thinking “I should just reserve that hour sleeping to get more energy.” Wrong. In fact, waking up a bit earlier than your normal schedule and engaging in a bit of exercise is all it takes to become more active.

So what can you do in the morning to stay fit? If you want a relaxed and easygoing activity, then go outdoors, you may go for a walk or a brisk run in the crisp weather. Remember to wear a good pair of running shoes. You may also hop on your bicycle for better results. If you don’t own one yet, you can buy bikes online via Cycling Express. They offer good bikes at even better prices. What’s best, you can even ditch the bus and just ride your bike to work. Win-win.

Buy Exercise Videos

Not the outdoorsy type? If you’d rather spend your time indoors, it’s a good idea to invest in workout DVDs. There are hundreds out there. Yoga, cross fit, belly dancing and other hardcore training – you name it! Proper workout gear is unnecessary – simply whip out a DVD and start exercising.

Strapped for cash? Heck, there’s YouTube and other video sites that offer a variety of effective workout videos with good tips for staying active. Find one that suits your style and start moving.

Sign up for a local race

You don’t need to be a runner or an extreme biker to enjoy the races. Signing up for a race a month or two from now will instantly inspire you to get fit in training and fit the event in your busy schedule. Creating a long-term goal like a race is effective in finding time to work out. Exercise is not purely physical – the mental part is just as difficult to overcome.

For the extremely busy

I feel you. Sometimes it’s just so hard to find time even for a little bit of exercise. If this is your case, or you’re one of those with no extra minutes to spare, these tricks can work wonders:

  • Stretch in bed for 10 minutes or so. Better yet, use the “snooze button” time you love.
  • Opt for longer routes. If you have an extra 10 minutes or you’re not in a rush, take a detour to work those legs.
  • Take the stairs. Ah, the most used exercise tip on the planet. It’s still worth mentioning. Office in the third or even fifth floor? Just take the stairs! Your heart will thank you.
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