The most common problem faced by many people is premature graying of hair. What actually causes hair to gray and how it can be brought back to the natural color? In this guide, you can find how to reverse graying hair, without losing luster or shininess of hair.

Use of chemicals actually damages your hair and there are natural ways to get back the original color.

Many people lose natural color as they age, while some people experience graying in early stages, long before they even turn 35. It is caused by the excessive use of chemicals or it is hereditary and other factors during hair treatment also play a big role in premature graying.

Usually, people opt for remedial courses to avoid prevention of gray hair, but usually, the differences are hardly noticeable and sometimes, the speed of graying accelerates, making matters worse.

Dealing With the Problem Early

If you’re in the stage of early graying, selecting the right source to resolve the problem is important. If you discuss with other people or experts, you can get loads of suggestions.

It is advised to consume protein rich diet and you should use particular conditioner or shampoo.

The constant change of shampoo also causes graying of hair in early stage. It is recommended to stick to one particular product, until and unless it won’t damage your hair completely. Some suggest home remedies, while some recommend hair dyes.

Causes of Graying

A protein-rich diet helps build up your body tissues, thereby supporting your hair growth; deficiency of protein does not cause graying, but an enzyme, named catalase is the primary cause.

When the level of this enzyme falls below certain level due to aging or any other factor, hair starts to lose its color. Lack of enzyme causes buildup of hydrogen peroxide in the hair, leading to bleached hair.

Hydrogen peroxide will be present in the hair and catalyze constantly breaks it down and due to the deficiency of the enzyme, peroxide starts bleaching the hair, leading to gray hair or losing natural elements.

Preventing the Hair Graying Phenomenon

It is important for your body to consume sufficient amount of Catalase, so that your body can battle with graying factors. You can have supplements or medicines, which boost the level of the enzyme that helps in reversing the gray hair.

There are many firms providing pills, which are formulated using this enzyme along with mineral and herbal additives.

You Need to be Patient and Persistent

When you’re using such products, do not expect things to settle within a day or week. Unlike unhealthy hair dyes, these supplements take 2 to 3 months to reverse your hair color.

This not only helps in reducing the effects of hydrogen peroxide, but also makes hair look lustrous. Check out the ingredients used in the pills as some companies make use of chemical supplements too.

However, natural treatment offers permanent solution to cover the gray hair. If your body has little catalase, then it would take longer time to get back the natural color, and vice-versa holds true too.

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