Hair Loss

It has been said that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. But what happens when that crowning glory starts to fall out?  Whether you are male or female, it’s very common to, at one point or another, start losing some of our hair.

That’s the bad news. The great news is that there are things you can do to avoid hair loss, with the help of places like Europa Pharmacy.

The most common reasons for hair falling out is a shift in the hormones, such as happens during pregnancy. When the body’s hormonal balance is off, both men and women tend to produce more testosterone than normal. When that happens, the excess testosterone produces DHT, another hormone. DHT stops the production of hair at the follicle, making it fall out.

To avoid hair loss, then, one of the most important things to do is to keep your hormonal balance in check. This is a particular challenge for women, as their hormonal levels can fluctuate dramatically as a result of menstrual cycles, menopause, childbirth, stress, etc. For men, imbalances can be caused by work-life stresses and poor eating habits, as well as environmental toxins.

There are all-natural herbal supplements on the market that are specifically designed to balance out hormonal levels. These include ingredients such as vitamins like B6, minerals such as magnesium, horsetail silican or saw palmetto. It may take several months of regularly taking these supplements to see an improvement in hormonal balance (and a reduction in things like hair loss).

You’ll also need to eliminate as much of the DHT that is in your body already. You can purchase hair products such as shampoo that are specifically designed to remove bacteria, hormones, dirt, oil and other kinds of buildup from within the hair follicle. By using these products, you can remove the existing DHT so that your supplements can get to work regulating your hormones and allow the rejuvenation of your hair’s growth and production.

These solutions work best for mild to moderate hair loss. If your hair loss is more profound, you can use an over-the-counter topical cream known as Minoxidil. Sold under many brand names such as Rogaine, this medicated cream is specially formulated to help stimulate and restore hair growth in both men and women with serious or troublesome hair loss.

If you have suffered from hair loss, whether it’s through aging, a condition such as alopecia, or a hormonal imbalance, you know that it can be a stressful condition. The ironic thing is, the more stressed you get, the worse the condition can be.

To avoid this situation, follow the advice above and seek the advice of your healthcare team as to what to do in your particular situation. Everyone is different and the underlying causes of your hair loss need to be determined if you are to effectively manage the situation. Your doctor and the rest of your health care team can help you to determine the cause and develop a course of treatment and management.