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Eat Right For Healthy and Lustrous Hair

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Healthy hair is an indication of what you have been eating all these days. As is the case with various parts of the body, processes and cells which support vibrant and strong hair depend on balanced diet.  The changes in hair occur slower than in the skin.

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The nutrients consumed will assist in fortifying hair follicle from where every strand is born and also scalp surrounding it. Healthier scalp means healthier hair. Hormonal imbalances, smoking and insufficient sleep can affect the way your hair look. But those who eat varied balanced and protein rich diet which focuses on following foods will get strong and healthy hair:


These are rich in zinc, deficiency of which can cause hair loss and eyelashes in certain cases and dry scalp.. Zinc could also be got through the fortified cereals and the whole grain breads. It also has high level of protein


These have lots of omega-3 fatty acids and are rich in vitamin E and biotin which help in protecting cells from the DNA damage. Greater deficiency of biotin may lead to the hair loss. Walnut has copper which keeps your hair color lustrous and rich.


Eggs are big source of protein and are full of zinc, sulfur, selenium and iron. Iron is particularly important as it helps in cells carrying oxygen to hair follicles. Nykaa coupons can be used for getting hair packs and shampoos containing egg as an ingredient. Remember that very little iron causes hair loss mainly in women.


It contains lots of vitamin C which is critical for the circulation to scalp and supporting of teeny blood vessels which feed follicles. Too much of deficiency of vitamin C in the diet may result in hair breakage.


Lentines are full of iron, biotin, zinc and protein making this great staple for vegetarians and meat eaters. You could include other beans like soybeans and kidney beans in your salad and soup for getting these minerals.


It is rich in vitamin D and protein which are essential for strong hair. Omega -3 fatty acids that are found in the tasty cold-water fish are very important. You could also buy some Omega-3 capsules using offers on CouponMama.co.in. These fatty acids are not made by body but it needs these for growth of hair.


Beta carotene, iron and vitamin C present in spinach assist in keeping hair follicles healthy and the scalp oils circulating.

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Sweet Potatoes

These are excellent source of antioxidant beta carotene that the body converts to vitamin A. In fact no cell of body can function without adequate vitamin A. It assists in protecting and producing oils which sustain the scalp. Being low in vitamin A can cause itchiness and irksome dandruff.


It has adequate proteins, iron, zinc and B vitamins for keeping hair strands plentiful and strong.

Greek yogurt

It is high in the hair-friendly protein, vitamin D and vitamin B5. Research has revealed the links between hair follicle health and vitamin D but its functioning is still not clear.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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