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Latest Dental Implants Trends That Can Amaze Your Smile

Modern times have witnessed revolutionary success in dental trends as more and more people are opting for dental implants to flash that amazing smile.

Aesthetic qualities hold more weight as treatments become more effective with date.

Existing trends in dental implants

Dental implants help in restoring the teeth to its former glory without compensating in how a tooth should perform. Osseo integration, or fusing the implant with the bone, is crucial in dictating the performance of the implant.

There used to be complications with standard implants regarding stability, but with threaded implants as widely used in recent times, it is no longer the case. Threaded implants allow better conditions for wound healing as would have been otherwise tentative.

Prosthetic demands can be more effectively met using the many augmentation methods that are widely used today. Full-arch treatments have become more effective with immediate loading and statistics present success rates to be as high as conventional implants that do not support the same.

Aesthetic quality

this is an important aspect of dental restoration in recent years. In an era where a beautiful smile is requisite for social acceptance and success, aesthetics have become vital in restoration procedures.

Previously, aesthetic restoration would mean compromising proper tooth functions as the materials used were not as sturdy as they should be to perform said functions.

With the technology at our disposal, this is no longer a factor as sturdier materials are used for dental implants that preserve aesthetics and give you the perfect smile.

Upcoming trends in implant treatment

Implant treatments now utilize techniques like platform switching and thread modification to increase the quality of the implant and reduce the possibility of further infection through bacterial infestations.

Among the few techniques rising in popularity in the periodontal community, the following are preferred by most patients.

  • Immediate temporization and implantation has risen in demand as the time taken for full arch restoration gets reduced. Patients prefer to have their implant surgeries done fast without compensating for quality or performance. Procedures can vary as to suit the dentist’s opinion on the condition of the patient’s teeth. It is still a work in progress which is yielding a horde of positive results; however, it’s still not standard treatment protocol.
  • Abutments, which support the crown over the implant, have undergone several overhauls as they primarily dictate tooth stability and aesthetics. Ceramic and gold are currently favored as they qualify for both, but with CAD and CAM implementations, customized abutments are rising in popularity.
  • Platform switching is becoming more necessary as teeth shifting results in a gap between abutment and implant. This gap can result in bacterial infestation which can in turn cause gum diseases. Platform switching fixes this problem with a wider implant and narrower abutment to compensate for the shift. It also prevents crestal resorption by preventing direct contact with the bone.
  • Thread modification allows enhancement of the surface area and allows customizing thread pitch and surface roughness. It is still in experimental stages as results are not conclusive to improvements, but till date, has not caused adverse effects in patients. It is advisable to follow the dentist’s recommendation in the matter.

There is always a risk in trying newer techniques than resorting to older, proven ones. However, the advances in modern technology promises lesser possibility of setbacks and allows customization where aesthetics is concerned.

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