Dental Implants – Restoring Smile with Minimal Risks

Thanks to the advent of advanced techniques and various hi-tech equipments dental science has progressed leaps and bounds. Dental implants or endosseous implant or fixtures which were once thought to be impossible can now be undertaken successfully with minimal risks.
Gum Tissue Graft Surgery


Dental implants can help to restore your beautiful smile

Teeth are important part of facial beauty, especially our smile. But on account of accidents, or aging, or deformations, or diseases, many of us have to uproot tooth or a few teeth which lead to huge gaps in between the teeth. Gone are those days when people had to become upset on losing their beautiful smile due to missing teeth. Dentistry has developed over the years and with dental implants the smile can be restored once again along with flawless natural-like teeth. Implants come with strong foundations, are made of strong metal, usually titanium, and last lifelong if taken care.

Dental implants are now a common procedure

Dentists are now well-trained in this type of surgery since dental implants have become common and most of the people are opting for it. So there is nothing to be tensed especially regarding the surgery.

As dental science has rapidly progressed over the years, the risks involved in this technique has reduced considerably giving path to a wide number of advantages such as:

  • Reduced pain
  • Discomfort is eradicated
  • Preserves vascularity and crestal bone
  • Plaque accumulation decreases after implementing this technique

The procedure

Dental implants and loading of implants are mainly done in various approaches after extraction of teeth:

  • Immediate post extraction implantation
  • Slightly delayed post extraction implantation (one or two weeks)
  • Late implantation

The approach depends on the dental condition of the patient and the patient’s will. Dental implantation is undertaken by fitting the implants in correct manner in the jaws of the concerned patient through surgery.

Once the implant is placed, a healing abutment is applied to cover the internal abutments. However, the important phase starts once the implantation is over – the recovery process. It takes a number of weeks and the patient should strictly follow the instructions as laid down by the dentist. This helps to bring the optimum result of the surgery accomplished.

The dentist will try his/her best in restoring the dimension of occlusion and smile and structural stability. If things are not taken care of in the recovery period, then the outcome may not turn out to be favorable.

Right candidate for dental implants

Dental implants cannot be implemented in all people. This is because the result depends on various factors especially the dental condition of the patient.

  • Patients with diabetes (especially high sugar level) are advised not to undergo dental implants.
  • Dental implantation is usually not undertaken in patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases.
  • Even heavy smoking can be a cause of rejection to implement this blessing of science.

Various tests are conducted before the surgery to ensure that the jaw and gum health is good and can sustain the implants.


The risks which are present in this technique are inadequate bone thickness and need of soft tissue grafting after dental implants are done. However, advanced equipment and well trained dentists in this field are able to provide better and longer lasting care for patients by using the concepts of minimally invasive dentistry.

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