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A Roundup of Advancement in Dental Implant Surgery

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Missing and falling teeth does not only degrade your confidence to smile, but it also deprives you in enjoying some great food. Sometimes it’s an awkward moment that may make you hide from a social gathering. Fortunately, with the advancement in dental treatment, it is highly possible to get your confident smile back, and the best treatment is dental implantation.

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Dental implants continue to change in regards to the treatment process, and it is considered as the mainstream method by dental professionals. An implant is done to give a solid foundation for the replacement tooth, making it look like natural teeth.

Significant advancement has come in the improved form of imagining and planning the entire dental implant process. Use of computer software and high-end equipment helps in bringing down the error which is found in earlier methods. Moreover, dental surgeons are now equipped with these latest additions to provide better surgery process.

Dentistry services like dental implant Washington DC offer 100% success rate for the treatment, ensuring quality results for lifelong. Let us check the advancement that took place in dental implant surgery process:

OssesoSpeed Profile EV

This system is designed to provide 360-degree bone preservation and helps to reduce the need for bone augmentation. Furthermore, it also in the one-position placement of indexed components for accurate and predictable workflow and demonstrates an increase in width of keratinized mucosa in patients.

Hi-Tech Implants Multi-System

The primary goal of producing this system is to help dentists in practicing and provide advanced dental care. It offers a range of systems like dental implants, prosthetic elements, and surgical tools. Moreover, the system also supports focusing on client service.

Improvement in Titanium Screws

There has been an improvement in the finishing of titanium in dental implants. Earlier, dentists use to have titanium screws that have a smooth surface, but after the development, the implants use titanium with porous finishing. This helps in increasing the surface area and aids in integration between bone and implant.

Computer Programming and Imaging Technology

In case of single implants or implant supported dentures, computer programming and imaging technology have taken a step forward. Dentists are now using 3D images from the CT Scan of the patient’s jaw to get the complete picture. This helps the dentist to get the right place using software to ensure precision placement. This advancement is the best thing happened in dental implants.

Legacy System

This system is created to offer compatibility and versatility in implant system. The system features Implant Direct patented micro-threads for stability and double-lead threads allowing faster and accurate insertion. The implant comes with thread design, self-tapping features, and other options.

Increase in the Dental Implant Options

As there is an advancement in dental implant systems, dentists are now able to offer more implant surgery options including implant supported dentures, implant-supported bridges, implants with crowns, etc. The best part is, they are more cost-effective and low maintenance compared to the traditional process of restorations.

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You can discuss with the reputed professional dentist service in Washington DC and other regions to know more about the latest technology used for the implant process and cost related to it.

Dental Implant Surgery
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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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Dental Implant Surgery
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