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Growing Forward: 5 Technology Advancements Taking Over Healthcare

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Technological advancement continues to grow including the field of healthcare where almost all processes are becoming automated and manual systems and procedures are being computerized.

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These advancements in healthcare are allowing patients to stay in the confines of their homes while undergoing consultations using accessible devices. Below are the medical processes that have evolved recently to the benefit and advancement of healthcare.

Improving Doctor-Patient Relationships

A translation program has been developed which will allow doctors and other medical staff to communicate in the language that is used by the patient. This is a big help to both the doctors and the patients who will be able to understand each other much better, and thus develop a closer doctor-patient relationship. Example – Omnifluent Health

Improving Patient to Doctor Connections

Companies are now accepting patients’ medical consultations online and over the phone. This is advantageous to the patient who does not have to leave their home to receive medical advice. They just call or go online and consult with their panel of advisers consisting of expert medical specialists. Example – Sherpaa

Collecting Medical Information and Storing it for Quick Access

A supercomputer has been created and fed with medical information which is accessible to the medical profession.

A medical information database will give the doctors access to huge medical information and help them make better diagnoses and recommend treatments. It is also a great tool to maintain electronic health records, as it allows more integrated and efficient care for patients. Example – Dr. Watson supercomputer

Improving Doctor to Doctor Connections

A social network between doctors has been created to link as many doctors as possible, for the possibility of exchanging ideas and discussing complicated cases online. The collective knowledge will help in finding treatment for patients and in updating the doctor’s medical expertise as well. Example – Doximity

An extra step in the development of health care is also taken care of by creating a match between physicians, employers, consumers and payors through places like ASC management companies. Bringing healthcare partners in equally beneficial allied endeavors that help them connect, collaborate and integrate and will be the future of medicine. Example – Nueterra

Keeping Patients Healthy

New apps and gadgets are geared to monitoring the patients’ activities, helping them to live a healthy life by being active, sleeping well and eating properly. There are many other apps and devices that are available to aid the health- and diet-conscious. Newer apps and devices are available on the market to help monitor daily activities. Example – Fitbit

Technology is giving healthcare a shot in the arm to boost the industry with improvements that help patients to have healthier lives. Ultimately these advancements will lead to improving the lives and health of the general population.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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