Your feet can take some major beating from all that walking and running. It comes into contact with dirt, mud and other foreign objects. It is rarely given the attention and importance it deserves. Unhealthy feet can lead to infection thus rendering the person immobile. It can also offer signs of an underlying condition, such as diabetes.

Remove Dead Skin Cells

Make it a habit to smooth out the feet using a pumice stone or foot file. Dampen the heels and calluses for at least 10 minutes before rubbing it thoroughly. This will make it easier to remove dead skin cells. You can also go the extra mile by preparing a foot bath made of black tea, which is a good natural antibacterial agent that may reduce the risk of athlete’s foot.

Keep Your Feet Moisturized

If your feet exhibit dryness and cracking skin, consult a dermatologist for a prescription. If it’s not a serious case, there are tons of moisturizing products you can purchase. To maximize effectiveness, try on some medicated heel pads, which do not require prescription from a dermatologist. The pads will soften up calluses while you’re walking.

Get an Occasional Foot Massage

A foot massage helps relax the feet from wear and tear while also improving blood flow to the feet. Make sure the facility you choose has experienced masseuses and a clean environment. This should also be your concern when having a pedicure in a salon. The cleanliness of tubs and instruments is crucial to avoid infection.

Wear Comfortable Footwear

The shoes or flip flops you wear will play an important role for your feet’s health over time. Your feet will stay healthy if you wear the right footwear that’s designed to keep it clean, dry, and within comfortable temperatures. Keep them warm during the winter season with waterproof socks and boots and let them hang loose with sandals during hot summer days.

Always Keep Them Dry

After a shower or a dip in the pool, dry your feet with a washcloth or rug. Athlete’s foot and other foot-infesting fungus tends to thrive in moist environments. Make sure to dry in between your toes. According to Dr. Ian Russell, keeping your feet dry is a great way to prevent bunions and warts. If necessary, apply some foot powder to avoid foot odor and dry it out easier.

Do regular checkups on your feet to assess its health. If you see anything that might cause concern, consult a doctor immediately and do not try to fix it by yourself. Doing so may further worsen the condition.