Tips on How to Control Your Blood Glucose Levels

Have you or anyone you know ever been diagnosed diabetes mellitus? If so, you surely know how hard it can be to control. There are many things that you can do to keep your blood glucose levels under control.



Diabetes mellitus is when you exhibit high glucose levels over a long period of time. It is very important that you learn the diabetes protocol and follow it to a tee. If you do not may have long-term complications from this disease

Causes and Types

Type I- this form of diabetes is often seen in patients that their pancreas is not producing insulin efficiently. This type is also known as juvenile diabetes in young children. Type I is very hard to control and most victims will have to take some form of insulin medication to suffice the body of the much needed insulin.

Type II- is often called the insulin resistant diabetes. This is the easier of the two to control. Many people will need to take some form of hypoglycemic or anti-hyperglycemic medication to control the abnormal levels.

Gestational Diabetes- is commonly seen in pregnant. The onset normally begins as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed.


It is important that you follow a strict but healthy diet if you have diabetes. Most people that are diagnosed with diabetes mellitus will be required to seek the advice of a professional dietician.

The dietician will set up a planned diet that must be followed, in order to maintain good glucose levels. Some foods that should be included in your diet plan include;

Be sure to never skip meals and take your diabetic medications at the same time every day, if possible.


Type II diabetes is more common and ninety percent of the people that are diagnosed with diabetes have this type. It is caused from sedentary lifestyles. This is when you do not exercise, eat healthy, and are obese.

Just by following a strict exercise regime you can loose fat and reduce your glucose levels. Fast food restaurants are often the cause of type II diabetes because people do not cook any more; they rely on these facilities to feed their kids and themselves.



Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to long-term complications such as; chronic kidney failure, stroke, heart disease, and diabetic neuropathy. It is important to take very good care of your feet if you are a diabetic.

Author Bio:

Joy Robby is a diabetic and frequently blogs about ways to control your diabetes. She encourages everyone to take care of their feet, because she never and now she is a double amputee.

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