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It has been widely documented that there does exist a gender difference when it comes right down to depression prevalence.

Women are far more likely to get depression than men and the reasons are linked to the sex differences that do exist in hormones.

Are There Sex Differences In Hormones Present?

Yes, there are very real differences in hormones from a sexual standpoint. Women have estrogen and progesterone that are said to affect that do affect the neurotransmitters. They also do affect the neuroendocrine and circadian systems.

These systems are always associated with different mood disorders. Women do often go through mood disorders due to their premenstrual cycle and this clearly reveals a connection between their female sex hormones and mood specifically.

Are there gender differences in the way that men and women do cope?

The kind of coping style that women do have is very different from men. Women tend to adapt a very strong and emotional kind of copying style. They will usually go over problems in their heads.

Men, on the other hand, tend to employ a more problem-solving focus in their coping style. A man’s coping style is also sort of distracting in nature. The reason this is so they can temporarily forget their problems.

Why Are Women More Susceptible To Depression?

Women are far more prone to depression than anyone else because of their biological differences. Women just have certain biological factors to be more susceptible to getting depression than men.

These biological factors are the very thing that do handle hormonal regulation and when this regulation gets out of working normally.

Women are then subject to fall prey to developing depression and symptoms of depression that are a signal of it. It is this hormonal regulation that can affect the depression that women do get on the average.

Is Heredity And Genetic Transmission The Reason Why Women Are More Prone To Depression?

The answer to this question is a definite yes. Heredity and genetic transmission are indeed involved in the reason why women do get depression.

This is because hormones and heredity factors do provide real evidence as to why women do get depression more so than men do. Women go through lots of things physically that men do not.

They have monthly menstrual cycles that can throw hormones out of sync and behave erratically. Menopause is another big change for women to experience from a hormone regulation stance. So, with this said, women do get depression a lot more often than their male counterparts.

Is Depression Linked To Heart Disease Death Risk In Women Who Are Younger?

There is a real heart disease risk for women who are 55, and younger, if they do have moderate or severe depression. According to new research that is available in the Journal of the American Heart Association, they are twice as likely to have heart attacks, die from, or even have to have artery-opening type procedures done on them.

Women who represent this age group do more than likely have depression, as a hidden risk factor, and this is why the rate of women dying right after a heart attack is higher than that of men.

The link between hormones and depression is indeed something that is well-known for women and this is because women are twice more likely to suffer from depression than men.

This is not saying that men cannot develop depression, because they do, but women are more likely to get it then they are on the average.

Women possess the female hormones that go up and down as she lives her life. Women go through many things that do challenge their hormones. Some of these challenges do include giving birth and also menopause.

So, with all the changes that a woman’s body does experience. These hormones do change as well, and they get out of order, and are also sometimes lacking in her system properly.


There is a major relationship going on between women and their hormones. These very same hormones also do point straight to hormones and moods in women too. Therefore, this is why women are more prone to get depression than men.