Tattoo Ink

So you made the much awaited visit to a tattoo parlor and have got your hand or leg or neck embellished with tattoo art? Tattoos are captivating form of self-expression. You feel elated and probably cannot wait to flaunt it in front of your friends.

While there is no doubt that getting a tattoo done on your body is much in vogue as per current trend, seldom is it realized how perilous the tattoo ink could prove to be. Pay heed to the side effects of a tattoo ink before getting it done.

Uncomfortable When Permanent:

Tattoos are made by puncturing your skin with ink filled needles; this primarily affects the inner layer of your skin called dermis. This inner layer does not wear out in flakes, unlike the upper skin layer called epidermis and the ink of tattoo gets embedded into the former.

This means that it is nearly impossible to get back the original color and texture of your skin after tattooing on it, unless you go through external therapies like laser treatment, which is extremely painful and involves a hefty cost too. So you may regret your tattoo years later when you might crave to see your old skin and complexion again, on that particular area.

Chemicals Cause Adverse Effects:

Tattoo ink is prepared using chemicals like lead, mercury, that are toxic in nature and when injected into your skin through needles, could turn out to be quite detrimental for your skin health resulting into permeation of major important organs.

Tattoo ink is the same as the ones used in automobile paint and computer print ink. Other possible diseases and dangers to health are still to be researched and found out because the Food & Drug Administration does not regulate the tattoo industry yet.

Aggravate Allergies:

Because the tattoo ink is composed of strong and toxic chemicals, there are chances of developing a major skin allergy or a break out just after you get a tattoo made on your body. And this is true especially if a person is already allergic or has tendency to catch bacterial infections.

You could get red rashes which are although common in appearance, can cause extreme discomfort through itchy and irritable skin.

Hence, get an allergy test done before you go to get that tattoo carved. Common allergies that you might develop are dermatitis, psoriasis, scarring and eczema.

Life Threatening Diseases:

One of the most significant and often neglected aspects of getting a tattoo on your skin is that it can cause life endangering diseases like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV and AIDS. Mainly due to infected needles and maintaining poor hygiene of the entire tattoo carving process.

Giving into pleasure in an attempt to look unconventional and stand out from the crowd sounds cool as long as it does not affect your life. There is no fun in indulging into something that could bring your life to an irrevocable end.

Stigma To Your Personality:

While tattoos are a beautiful way to express creativity and art, many people in the society are still not very open in their perception about it. Tattoos can attach a stigma to your personality which can make you look rebellious or belonging to a certain genre.

This can alter your image when you are out amongst other people. Sometimes it does serve to boost your social image among friends or people thinking “out of the box” especially painters, musicians, stage performers etc.

At the same time, it could also lead to adverse effects on situations where a more conventional and formal approach is required. So choose wisely and envision the repercussions it would have on your image.