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How Do Chemical Peels Combat Aging Skin?

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As people age, the skin goes through a series of natural changes. Aging skin slowly loses its elasticity and moisture due to environmental factors, diet, and the overall aging process. Excessive dryness caused by lost moisture and sun exposure often leads to a dull appearance, as well as causes the skin to wrinkle, especially around the eyes, forehead, and lips.

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There are a variety of treatments available that work well to moisturize the skin and bring back its youthful glow and texture, and many dermatologists and skin care professionals recommend chemical peels for individuals with combination issues.

Chemical peels work by removing the top layer of damaged skin and allowing fresh, new skin cells to emerge, resulting in smooth and healthy skin, minimization of wrinkles, and increased moisture.

What are The Different Types Of Chemical Peel?

There are several options when it comes to chemical peels. Individuals looking to treat their skin with chemical peels must first meet with a professional dermatologist or skin care professional in order to determine the best procedure for their particular needs.

Chemical peel options include glycolic acid, trichloracetic acid, salicylic acid, and carbolic acid. The specific treatment for each patient is chosen based on their specific skin conditions.

The skin care professional will analyze the patient’s skin for sun damage, age spots, and wrinkles, as well as sensitivity before making a final recommendation. Once a specific treatment has been decided on, the chemical peel process typically takes less than an hour’s time to complete.

What Chemical Peel Can Do To Erase Wrinkle?

Chemical peels are ideal in erasing fine lines and wrinkles due to the fact that the chemical solution deeply penetrates the top layer of skin and reveals the underlying, wrinkle-free face.

It is important to note that while a chemical peel works well to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, it is up to the individual to continue with the proper skin care maintenance in order to maintain their results.

Maintenance includes daily hydration and follow up chemical peels on a schedule that is decided by the skin care professional. Chemical peels are a safer alternative to surgery due to the fact that the procedure does not require anesthetic, and there is no injecting or surgical extraction involved. In addition, chemical peels are outpatient procedures that do not require hospitalization.

Is Chemical Peel Safe to Use?

During the procedure, the skin care professional will first clean and disinfect the skin. They will then apply a chemical mask mixture to the face, focusing on the problem areas. The solution is left on the skin for a specific amount of time that is pre-determined by the skin care professional.

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During this time, patients often experience a slight burning or tingling. The burning and tingling signifies the acid in the chemical solution is working to remove the top layer of skin. While the burning sensation is slightly painful, it tends to dissipate once the solution is removed.

How it is Better Than Other Surgical Option?

After the procedure is complete, patients will experience a red, sunburn-like appearance to their skin. The redness lasts up to three days, and it is followed by scaling.

The redness and scaling are a natural aspect of the procedure due to the chemicals involved, and the peeling skin consists of the top layer of skin that naturally falls off as the skin heals.

Typically, the entire healing process lasts up to 14 days, but depending on the depth level of the peel, the healing process may require additional time. During the healing period, patients are required to treat their skin with specially prescribed creams and serums in order to promote healing. Once the skin is completely healed, the results are fresh, supple, youthful skin.

Chemical peels are a safe alternative to injections and facial surgery, and they work wonders on all types of skin conditions that are caused by the aging process. If you are struggling with fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots or sun damage, or severe dryness due to lost moisture, a professional chemical peel is an ideal option.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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