There are some people who do not take the pain to put any effort into their skincare ritual. On the flip side of the coin, some people are also putting too much time into making their skin look young beautiful and clean.

Skincare is good, but excessive skin care treatment might speed up a person’s skin ageing process, so if you’re thinking that all the excess effort you put into making your skin look clean is helping, then you just might have to think again.

In this article, we have put together some skin care habits that a lot of people engaging but must be curbed or eliminated in 2019.

1. Using many different products

Most of the time you find manufacturing companies in collagen you to purchase order of their products well you might see this as a marketing strategy, but it is more than that.

One of the major reasons behind this so-called marketing strategy is that most of the products have some ingredients in common and some ingredients that are complementary.

What this means is that this product has been designed to work hand in hand. When you start making use of different products the ingredients they are made of mines interact adversely with themselves; thus you must consider using just one brand.

2. Using too many products

Too much of anything is bad, so if you use a lot of different products on your skin, you just might be suffocating your pores. Your body needs to produce dead cells and blocking your boss will prevent that from happening which means toxins will be stored.

Use half a teaspoon of whatever products you use on your neck and face and then you can use more than a teaspoon for the areas of your skin that are thick.

3. Excessive washing of your skin

It is normal to see oily skinned people washing their skin more than three times daily. While this is an attempt to keep their skin oil free and clean, it can cause more damage to the skin than expected. When you wash your face too many times, the surface layer of the dermis will become flaky as it turns dry.

As a result of this, the integumentary system will produce more oil in an attempt to correct the problem. Eventually, your skin will become worse than it was initially.

4. Tugging your skin tissues

When you’re applying moisturizer to your skin, you have to do it gently. Otherwise, your skin tissues will begin to weaken considerably. Another thing this would do is to encourage the sagging of your dermis.

When you are applying moisturizer to your skin always remember to use the lightest fingers. Pull your skin upward carefully to distribute the products around your face.

5. Popping your pimples and picking at your skin

I must confess, speaking or popping pimples is a very irresistible thing. Such behaviour towards your skin can cause increase the redness and sometimes scarring.

It is better to keep your hands away from your face and just let the pimples go back down with the help of some anti-acne cream or lotion.

6. Limited skin protection

Some individuals feel to distribute their moisturiser and sunblock to certain parts of their skin such as the back of their neck around the eyes and on their chest.

List parts of the body are vulnerable to the damaging effects of the sun so you must include this area whenever you decide to apply your moisturising products.

7. Superficial application of moisturisers

Whenever you’re using a moisturising product, you need to massage it into your skin. If you keep applying your moisturiser superficially on your skin, they will be unable to sink in and do their job.

8. Not cleaning your sweaty skin

After you’ve had a long day in the sun or you had a tough work out your skin will definitely be covered in sweat.

Sometimes you can be extremely lazy to go to the bathroom and just wash off all that sweat, so you just let it all dry on your skin. Endeavour to always have a bath and get rid of sweat so that it doesn’t dry up on your skin.

This already is a new year, and it is essential to change the skincare habits so that your skin can breathe and you can be acne free. Have you adopted any of these techniques? Let us know how far it’s gone for you.