Take account of all the skincare products that you own for a second. Perhaps just by the fact that even your bathroom floors are stacked up with jars and you know there’s more in your cabinet and handbag, you can easily tell that you’ve been spending a lot for your skin!

Are you tired of hearing every other product and tell you that it is the only anti-aging cream packed with so-and-so technology or, the best skin lightening cream that gives you more radiant skin in less than a week or so?

Most consumers are, and more consumers are confused which products really do work.

7 habits you should practice for beautiful skin

Want to know the secrets of women with beautiful skin?  It’s not some product like Illumaneau causing miracles to happen on their 40-something-year-old skin.  Yes, great products do have a role to play in giving you the perfect skin you’ve always had but never knew about but, there’s more:

Habit No. 1:  Beautiful women hit the sheets early.  Make your choice.  Stay up late for a booze party and wake up to large pores and puffy eyes or, hit the sheet s early and say, “Good Morning” to a dewy, revitalized skin? Getting between seven and nine hours of sleep daily will help your skin help treat itself because the most important processes involving skin cell regeneration happen while your eyes are shut.

Habit No. 2:  Women with blemish-free skin put in extra effort to keep their skin clean.  You don’t need to cleanse every time you feel like it.  In fact, too much washing can dry and age your skin unnecessarily.  Cleanse, tone and exfoliate — never miss out on this routine if you want clear skin.

Habit No. 3:  Women who do not get skin inflammations read the labels.  Women who have flawless skins mind what goes into their skin too.  These days, skin irritations are often caused by products that leave nasty residues on the skin.  So keep your eyes open for ingredients that may harm your skin.

Habit No. 4:  Women who love their skin never leave their homes without sunscreen.  Exposing your skin bare under the sun is a sure fire way to sustain permanent damages to your skin that later show up as wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and other visible signs of skin aging.

Habit No. 5:  Smart women know what to put on their skin.  Again, they read, and so should you!  Rather than putting the future of your skin in the hands of products promising you all the good in the world when it comes to skincare, be more skeptical about it and be more confident of the decisions that you make by getting to know your skin and your skin concerns well.

Habit No. 6:  Modern women make optimal use of skincare products.  They’re not afraid to harness the beautiful skin that can emanate from great products because they know what works and what doesn’t.  Products are differently designed and created so when you see a product like Illumaneau, find out if it contains peptides, moisture-boosting ingredients, antioxidants and surface repairing ingredients — all of which are prerequisites of ageless skin.

Habit No. 7:  Women with envious skin live healthy.  Lovely skin may be in their DNA or, the result of using a skin lightening cream but there’s no glow quite like the one you can get only by living a healthy lifestyle.  Load up on nutrients that enhances your body’s recovery and the benefits will show in your skin.  Keep your muscles toned and it will radiate beauty you never thought it ever had.


Start your journey to wearing the most perfect skin you’ve ever worn.  Simply adhere to these 7 philosophies on beautiful skin practiced by women with beautiful skin and you’ll notice the difference in no time at all.

Stop banishing and worrying about your less than perfect skin.  You’ll get it right.  You know, there’s an eighth secret to get lovely skin, and that is to free yourself from worrying too much.

Authors Bio:

Lisiana is a renowned independent researcher and is studying the impact of technology in the beauty industry. She is passionate about beauty, makeup, and fashion and skincare industry. She holds a Ph.D. in beauty and thereby has been consistently sharing her experience by writing various articles related to makeup ideas, beauty, fashion and skin care. She has been writing on beauty and skin care related topics from past 10 years.