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The 5 Beauty Products You Need This Winter


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Winter is tough on your body. Your skin can easily end up dry, red and flaky. You might have sore lips, and red eyes. Then your hair can become damaged and brittle. It’s more important than ever, over winter, to look after yourself.


Here are five beauty essentials, which can be bought from Ellisons, to keep you looking and feeling great all year around.

Lip Balm

Lip Balm
Your lips are one of the first things to suffer in the winter months. Cold weather and harsh winds can quickly leave them dry, chapped and sore. However, having the heating on all the time can also dry them out.

Invest in a good lip balm, and apply regularly throughout the day, and your lips will stay soft, supple, and gorgeous all year round. If you prefer to wear coloured lipstick, make sure you get one with added moisturiser, or ingredients such as aloe, and still apply lip balm before bed.


MoisturiserThe rest of your skin won’t fare much better than your lips if you don’t look after it. You’ll want a moisturising face cream, and an all-over body cream. Apply every morning after you shower, and every night before bed.  Try an intensive moisturiser that suits your skin type. This should stop your skin becoming flaky and sore in the cold weather.

If you get a cold, and your nose becomes sore, try applying a little Vaseline to the end, and be sure to use soft, soothing tissues. While moisturiser does a great job of hydrating your skin, you should also try and drink plenty of water, to give it an extra boost and keep it bright.

Hand Cream

Hand CreamYou need to look after your hands in winter, or they too will quickly become sore, red and dry. The skin between your fingers can be especially sensitive. A hand cream containing shea butter, applied every night before you go to sleep can work wonders. Also, protect your hands from the cold, by investing in a good pair of gloves.

Intensive Conditioner

Winter hair can be a nightmare. Wearing hats, and being constantly pounded by wind, can leave it messy, knotty and lifeless, almost like it’s given up. Use an intensive conditioner once a week throughout the winter months to help repair any damage. Then apply a protective serum before you style to keep it looking its best.


One of the keys to looking after your skin all year around is cleansing. This is especially true in winter, when your skin needs a little extra help. Sleep is incredibly important to looking after your skin, as it gives it a chance to recover from the day.

It won’t be able to if it isn’t clean. Don’t cleanse, and you can expect blackheads and outbreaks. Invest in a good cleanser, to unblock your pores and help your face feel refreshed and rejuvenated.


As well as using some great products, be sure to look after yourself. Get plenty of sleep, exercise when you can, eat a healthy, balanced diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water. All of these things will help keep your skin bright and clear, while giving your body the best chance to keep on top form throughout the winter months.

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