As much as we all adore Kung Fu Panda, we’re not as lucky as he is to have dark circles around our eyes and still pass for “cute”. I can personally testify to this after years of trying every sort of remedy to make my eyes seem brighter.

At the end of the day, ones eyes are not only the window to their very soul but also the dead give-away of their very age, and, yes, we do want to hang onto our youthful looks for longer. According to many aroma therapists and health experts that are certain dos and don’ts for eye health and beauty.

The world would seem a brighter place if we had no eye bags altogether. But since that’s not the case, I’ve compiled several eye beauty secrets that I’ve personally found to be really quite helpful.

While it’s true that the gene pool that you originate from has a lot to do with your features, your stars don’t have to be set for puffy eyes, and even if they are, you can change it with a little extra care.

Eating the right kinds of foods that have specific eye benefits is a real help when it comes to this, and so does drinking lots of water, sleeping for enough hours, and not stressing your eyes too much.

I always try to encourage my family that while they are working on the computer, watching TV, and playing computer games to take time out and refresh their eyes. It’s common knowledge by now that when you stare at the screen for too long your eyes blink a whole lot less and tend to dry out and get sore. This tends to lead to eye bags.

You see, when it comes to your eyes, they are a precious commodity that you only get once, and if more than that, you have to pay an arm and a leg for it! So it’s just wise to care for them the best you can.

It’s the same, but in reverse with eye bags, they are easy to get but take ages to get rid of. Your eyes are held in place by very delicate muscles, ligaments, and fat. When the skin around your eyes weakens, the fat beneath it drops and bulges below your eyes.

In order to avoid this, the first step is to drink plenty of water. Water has healing powers like few other things have. Eating foods that mostly consist of water like beets, celery, watermelon, and tomatoes is also an added bonus.

One interesting quick fix remedy to eye bags is to take a power nap with slices of cucumbers, raw potato, or tea bags on your eyes. Getting enough rest is also one of the biggest factors to beautiful eyes.

Ideally, children should sleep for 10 hours and adults should sleep for 8, or the very minimum 7. Sleep is precious and sleeping a good and sweet sleep with a proper elevated surface, a proper pillow, will help prevent eye bags as well.

Keeping the skin around your eyes properly moisturized is also a must if you want your eyes to retain their youth for longer. Creams like Nivea q10 and Imedeen have great hydrating powers that can help to take years off your eyes.

One thing that I especially like about both Nivea q10 and Imedeen is that they help to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and improve the moisture balance.