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Pregnancy Workouts to Keep You Fit and Healthy When Pregnant

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When it’s time for pregnancy, most start to fret about their post-delivery body shape; through fitness was never on their to-do list anyway. Are you one of them? Well, that’s a good enough concern to start exercising and keep yourself fit.

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These workouts do not aim at muscle growth, instead focuses on developing muscle endurance, tone, and power. Besides keeping you in shape, these exercises will help your body conform to the transformation that pregnancy brings, and disapprove the inabilities that come along.


Did you know that yoga can make labor quick and less painful? This is probably the biggest reason you need to opt for it. Besides that, yoga helps you relax, reduce back pains and majorly strengthens your core, to give you a good posture. Pregnancy yoga can help you relax and ease your pains; over time, it gets you ready for labor. Consult an expert if any position or pose causes discomfort.


If you aren’t used to exercising, brisk walking is the best option to start with, and considering your pregnancy, it’s the safest workout you can continue until your due date. Find a good place to walk and start off with 10 minutes a day, aiming to reach 30 minutes on a daily basis for 4-5 days a week. It will get your muscles toned and strengthen your walk to bear the change in your body over the months.  When abdominal exercises are a big no, and walking is the only extent you can push your workout to, there are simple ways to lose belly fat like eating right, regular intake of dairy food, etc, without working out.


Yes, running has proven to be helpful during pregnancy and improves your heart’s health. This can show better and faster results than any other workout. Certainly, even a runner could find it hard with the changes, so start off with shorter distances based on your stamina level and slowly intensify the workout.  While it can be risky if you aren’t used to running, consider brisk walking.


Concerns about your safety can be put aside by cycling indoors, on a machine. This is a sure and certain way to avoid bad roads and ensure you have an effective workout without hurting your joints. These cardio exercises do your heart good and it is something you certainly should consider. You can also have the advantage of adjusting the seat and the handles height as your belly grows, to workout without strain.


Irrespective of your comfortability with running, or even difficulty to walk much, you will enjoy swimming. This is the best option for you to exercise your entire body, while you feel weightless in the water. And if you have back pains and swollen legs, this is a perfect way to help it recover while you strengthen your muscles. And though your belly gets bigger, you can still keep swimming and feel the lightest in the pool.


If you’re someone who loves to dance and cannot hold back because of your pregnancy, you don’t need to. Joining an antenatal dance class will help you keep you going with proper guidance and precautions. As the months pass, you can reduce the intensity of your steps to go easy on your baby bump.

Weight Training

It is important to remember that you don’t overdo your exercise as it can heat your body more than what is safe. Go light on the weights and workout only under the assistance of a trainer who can support you in case you need immediate help.

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Aerobics is a fun and efficient workout; joining an antenatal class to exercise in an easy and guided way of keeping safe while toning your muscles and avoiding fatigue. Simple kegel exercises are always less exhausting compared to weights. Water aerobics is also a good option to consider, as the impact and stress on the body is extremely low.

These exercises are perfectly safe, and you can practice them on a regular basis. Were you conscious about becoming unattractive or that he is starting to lose interest in you? Ask him to hang in there, because now, it’s just a matter of time; you are doing good already. A little push to shed some kilos, and you will be more than certain to see yourself and your baby fit in due time.

Author Bio:

Apoorva is Freelance Writer, Health and wellness expert with a vision to help women catch up and equip themselves with the pace at which wellness trends are  advancing today. Gained adequate experience in the health industry and established a platform for wise and health decisions through writing.

Pregnancy Workouts
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Pregnancy Workouts
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