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Dry Skin: Risk Factors and Treatments

The lacking of the natural oils on the surface of the skin results dry skin problems. You need to do conscious efforts to deal with this beauty issue which can later be more problematic if not handle properly. Dry skin is so common in winter that affects many people. It can cause a lot of discomfort, irritation, itching, dullness, wrinkles and skin infections.

Cold weather, sun exposure, air heater, extreme water exposure, dehydration, side effects of any medications are some of the factors that take away moisture from your skin and leave it dull and dry.

The good news is that there is not a particular medical treatment needed for common skin dryness and it can be easily addressed with a little at-home care. Below are some of the tips to deal the dry skin problems:

Moisturize your Skin

Moisturizing is the best strategy to keep the dry skin normal in that chilly weather. You need to apply a good moisturizer throughout the season all over the body. Facial skin is the most delicate part and needs a little more care with much better product.

Petroleum jelly, olive oil, honey, almond oil are some of the easily available ingredients that are good to use for skin protection.

Avoid Dryness Factors

Avoid the causative factors that are drying your skin such as water or sun exposure, chilled breeze etc. Remedy becomes easy after acknowledging the cause.

Treat Skin Gently

Make it a habit to apply moisturizer every time you wash your hands or taking bath on a little soggy skin. It aids in retaining the skin oils naturally. Avoid using medicated soaps or cosmetics on the skin. Harsh towels and skin rubbing should also be avoided to deal the skin gently.

Eating Balanced Diet

Balanced diet with lots of veggies and fruits is essential to get all the nutrients. A diet loaded with leafy green fresh vegetables can do wonders for your overall health and skin conditions.

Tomatoes, lemon, papaya, pomegranate, carrots, oranges, melon, winter squash, green veggies are some of the best items to add in your daily diet. Go for a multicolor natural treat for perfect health and skin.

Taking Care of Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin deficiency has a particular link with skin dryness as vitamins play a major role in keeping the skin healthy. To keep the skin supple and soft you must take care of getting the essential vitamins for skin. A balance of Vitamin A, B complex, C and E is necessary for good skin health.

Keeping yourself Hydrated

Keep hydrated. Drinking a lot of water is imperative for all the bodily functions to work properly. Skin is the largest body part and to keep it work well we need to keep ourselves hydrated from inside as well. Merely using the moisturizer from outside won’t do any good if you are not well hydrated from inside.

 Adopting Exercise Regimen

Adopting a particular exercise regimen that suits you is another remarkable step towards your health and skin conditions. Taking care of your health is the perfect way to take care of your skin. A particular aerobic routine aids you to get a glow in your skin.

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