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What You Need to Know about Using Latisse for Eyelash Growth

Latisse is one of the few medical treatments that is also used for cosmetic purposes. Primarily used to treat glaucoma, bimatoprost (otherwise known by the brand name Latisse) has also gained a lot of popularity as a treatment for inadequate eyelashes (medically termed as hypotrichosis) and those wondering how to get longer lashes. Let’s look at some common concerns and questions about Latisse:

How does Latisse help to make eyelashes longer?

Eyelashes typically grow for 1-2 months, then enter a resting phase before they finally fall out. While the reason for its ability to do this is not really known, Latisse extends the growth phase of an eyelash, causing it to transition from inactive to active growth, which is what makes eyelashes grow longer, thicker and darker.

Basic tips on using Latisse for eye lash extensions

Make sure you wash your hands and face before you apply Latisse, as well as remove any makeup. The prescription medicine is available in single-use eyedropper bottles, and needs to be applied along the lash line of only the upper lashes once a day. It gets transferred to lower lashes when you blink, and soon you will have gorgeous lash extensions to flaunt!

How long does it take for results to start showing?

While the complete treatment takes around 4 months (16 weeks), you will typically see results within a month or two.

Will using Latisse change the color of my eyes?

There is no link between Latisse use for lash extensions and change in eye color, unless you use it inside your eye (the way it’s used for glaucoma treatment). You may see a little darkening of skin on the eyelid, but make sure you visit an ophthalmologist if you experience any vision change, infection or pain while using it.

Can I use Latisse eyelash grower if I wear contacts?

Contact lens users wondering how to make eyelashes grow are warned by the FDA to be careful using Latisse, since lenses can absorb the solution and get discolored. Before applying Latisse, make sure that you remove your contacts first and wait at least 15 minutes before you put them back in.

Can I use Latisse to boost hair growth on my head?

Latisse is not designed for use anywhere except your eyes, but some people wipe off the excess solution onto their hairline after applying it to their eyes. While there’s no conclusive proof that it will make the hair on your head thicker or darker, it has been noticed to enhance growth in eyebrows if the medicine gets transferred to them.

Follow the cardinal rule of medication and stick to using it for the area intended, at least till further research is conducted on using Latisse anywhere else.

How much does the treatment cost?

A 3-ml bottle of Latisse (which lasts 5-6 months) will cost you a little over $100, more if your insurance doesn’t cover it. Since it’s primarily treated as medication, you may be able to get it under your health coverage. To make the bottle last longer, take a drop of the solution out on the cap and use a disposable brush to pick it up, instead of trying to drop it directly onto the brush.

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