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Infographic: the Tech Behind Glasses, Then and Now

Glasses have been helping us to see better since the 13th century, but that doesn’t mean the technology was perfected back then.Rather, the technology has improved over the centuries, starting with adding arms to...

Considering LASIK Eye Surgery?

We can only imagine the curiosity and amazement people experienced when the first pair of eyeglasses were invented.Then along came contact lenses and people were skeptical that they would even work and concerned that...

Are You Sure Your Child Can See?

Of all the tests our children are given, from English to health, they are often overlooked when it comes to seriously testing their eyes.If your child is having trouble learning in school or doesn't...

Sunglasses: Fashion and Necessity

Using the right type of sunglasses has been proven to protect the eyes from high energy visible (HEV) and ultraviolet (UV) rays.The HEV and one of the three types of UV, the UVA, can...
Eye twitching

What is Eye Twitching? Causes and Simple Fixes to Try

The first time I experienced eye twitching, I thought I had a worm walking in my eyelid. This is exactly what a lot of people think about eye twitching, but that is far from...
Healthy Eyesight

Practical Tips for Maintaining Good Eyesight

Our senses connect us to our surrounding. When a single sense fails to function properly, our connection to the environment is affected. You probably do not think of how important your senses are until...
Orthokeratology Myopia

How Effective Is Orthokeratology Myopia Control?

Continuous strain on the eye may result in various issues. This may lead to vision impairment. Myopia is a common problem that is slowly increasing its pace. There are around 1.5 billion around the...
Irritated Eyes

How to Care for Your Eyes?

They say eyes are windows to your soul. Maintaining proper eyesight is important to maintain a quality life. But we all do not appreciate good eyesight until we don’t have it. Some eye problems...
Winter Weather

How to Protect Your Eyes During the Winter Season?

Itchy and dry eyes can make your winter a nightmare, while every other person is enjoying the snow you could be having problems with your eyes in winter. There are a lot of reasons...

Presbyopia – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Presbyopia is a common eye disorder caused by aging, almost everyone will experience this problem as they begin to advance in age. In fact, nobody can escape presbyopia, even if you’ve never had eye...
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