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Top 5 Health and Fitness Applications of 2018

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cellulite stuck to your thighsWe know all about the normal formal applications of Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram as we use them in our daily lives and connect with people, share pictures and do what not; however, a lot of us have no idea about some of the applications that are health related. Yes, you read that right! Health related applications that help you detect your body mass, weight, plan a diet for you, pulse checker and many more.

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This might sound a bit too over the top but the reality of technology has brought us this far that the Healthcare Application Development company and developers have come with many of these types and today in this application you are about to know top 5 of these applications that are been loved and desired by the common masses of the world. These applications are as follows:


This application has become like the favourite of each person who is dying to have a great body or who is a health and fitness freak. The application is an in – ear personal trainer which will tell you what and how to do with the help of audio classes.

These audio classes on the applications are about 2500 in number and 15 great trainers who are making new videos each week especially to train you and let you reach the desired weight, size or stat you have been craving lately constitute it.

The audio – driven instruction make it easy breezy to move along and work accordingly. It is available on both android as well as iOS for 99.99$ and 14.99$ respectively as the application only works on subscription basis.


Another wonderful application in the list of training and gym is Playbook, which was first introduced in the market by the name of Fitner.

We are very much familiar with our social media and are highly influenced by the favourite celebrity or trainers. Are you also in the same league and you are unable to find their daily routine at any of the places on the surface web? Do not worry this application is specially fabricated for you my friends!

It has various workout routines and what all they do in a day to get fit, you can simple choose someone of your choice and you are absolutely good to go to start on with the sessions for yourself and attain that long – lost and dreamt fit body. Ones you choose you will get daily updates on the same.

The application has a limitation that it is only available for the iOS devices at the rate of 9.99$ for the common public.

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Sworkit is the perfect application for the people who do not want to deal with the hustle and bustle at the gym, which is in the corner of the street or a high – class rated gymnasium. This applications design is specially to make you smile and take a sense of relief.

This application is not just to shed you weight but also to gain muscle mass if needed in your body. Once you have chosen who you would like to look in the near future, you simply have to enter your current fitness level {as asked} and you will then get a six – week workout and fitness plan that you will need to follow to get the desired results. The plans would be tailor designed keeping your needs and wants in mind.

You can get talking sessions with the trainers as well for advice related to workouts, exercises, cardio and more. The application is free to the access of people having a smartphone with either apple’s operating system or Android.

Nike + Run Club

Uncountable athletes in the world count on the application of Nike since a long – long time by now for the outdoor cardio exercises and running sessions. People who do not believe on weight – lifting and strength training and our fond of running, jogging and walking to get the desired results will take no time to become the fan of this wonderfully designed application with the name Nike+ Run Club Application.

It tracks you with a GPS system, provides you with a coaching plan that is sure to fill you up with motivation and create a sense of labour to get that fitness routine right on the track. It will help you build up the strength, speed, endurance and more. It is absolutely – free for iOS as well as android users.


It is very tough to loose on that stubborn fat in the belly area or that cellulite stuck to your thighs, you really have to work our quite a lot to get that desired result. However, getting up early in the morning, busy schedule, laziness are some of the excuses take have a take on us and it makes us sit back in the home and not workout but wait until when can we deal with this attitude? No more the application of Keelo is at your disposal.

You will have to register yourself and just work out for about 20 minutes every alternate day and you are absolutely good to go with those health issues. The app has weight lifts, equipment exercises and use of props, so in either gym or home you can easily know what you have to do to get that stubborn body in shape. It is available at no cost on the servers of android as well as iOS.

The world is rushing towards fitness and now it is your turn to take the league and get yourself working with the help of these application and get that desired body shape without any tension and with a proper support.

You can also opt for some Internet of health things wearable devices if you want your body to get back in shape as quickly as possible with that charm and glow on your face.
Until next time! Be fit and stay healthy.

Author Bio:

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The author has good experience in the field of IT and latest technologies for healthcare and fitness. He is working with a leading company Enuke Software working in health care applications. For Facebook and Twitter.

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