Track Running

Running is one of the most popular forms of aerobic exercises recommended for weight loss. It is also an easy cardiovascular workout.

Running is not something alien to us; in fact it is the most natural way of growing up through childhood.  Most of us do not run often once we grow up but for those who are fond of sports and physical activities, running remains a second nature.

In fact, most of the time jogging precedes any other exercise as a warming up procedure.

Running As an Exercise

If you want to start running as a form of exercise in your day to day routine then all you have to do is to get a good running backpack, put on your running shoes and go to the great outdoors.

You can also do your exercise indoors or on a treadmill.  Both the options have their own advantages and disadvantages. Doing it on treadmill is less impactful and hence the best for those who wear shoes with insoles for flat feet.

If you choose to do it outdoors then again you have a choice of doing it in the cross-country mode or on a track.  We are going to confine ourselves to the advantages of exercising by running on a track.

Advantages of Track Running

There are many physical benefits of running. It boosts up our energy levels, tones up of the body and helps us in maintenance of a healthy body weight.

While you are on the track doing exercises, you also get to know many other people.  This gives a boost to your social skills by increasing your friends circle and helps in building camaraderie. It also builds up positive and friendly attitude towards life.

Running Is A Good Exercise

Running on track with your running backpack is an effective way to increase your cardiovascular fitness, lose weight, and even reverse bone loss. In addition to these benefits, track running promotes healthy competition and encourages you to improve your running ability while promoting teamwork.

Promotes Healthy Habits

The biggest advantage of working out on a running track is the fact that it promotes healthy habits.

This is because most of the track events take place outdoors in the early hours of the morning, which enables you to get plenty of fresh morning air. There are many others around you too, who are watching you.

This motivates you to always look presentable. Not only that, when you are a part of a team, you try extra hard to keep in good shape and follow correct dietary habits.

Since the overall performance of the team that you represent matters the most to you, you would be careful about what you eat and try to follow a balanced diet plan.

Track Running Promotes Teamwork

While working out on a Track you make new friendships, and how your team fares becomes much more important to you, prompting you to give in your best.

Runners are expected to train daily and have to endure workouts together. This develops comradeship that helps make the team stronger.

Overall Physical Prowess

Running is perhaps the best exercise for cardiovascular fitness. Regular practice keeps the body slim and trim and melts away excessive fat. This decreases the risk of heart attack.

Fun Activity

Getting involved in a team sport and participating as a member of track competition is a fun activity and a source of enjoyment.

Besides this, once you are good at track events you can also try your hand at other events such as pole vaulting, long jump, high jump triple jump and such other athletic sports bringing variety in your workout schedules.

Building Team Camaraderie

Participating in track events ensures that you do not limit yourself to yourself practices alone. You find new friends and make new bonds regularly. This camaraderie can extend not only to the practice sessions alone but also to informal get-togethers in the evenings!

The common feeling that you share brings a greater sense of belonging to the group.

Psychological Effects

As you practice on the track with your running backpack you realize your own true potential which gives you a greater sense of confidence and achievement. Working out on track with the teammates gives you a sense of belonging which brings happiness and contentment.

You will also see that this automatically leads to a better academic performance. You do well at personal relationships and fare well in interviews when applying for jobs.

When you exercise, you reduce stress and maintain a healthy weight, which also improves your self-esteem.

Building Up Sportsman Spirit

Taking part in track events and competing pushes you to your limits. You learn to take disappointments in your stride and try even harder the next time.

When you lose you learn to walk up to the winning team and congratulate them and when you win, you do not gloat over it but are humble and wish the other team well in the next time. You learn not to boost about your achievements but remain calm and humble in your Outlook.

This is a great character building experience which stands well in life in all spheres of life
Track events bring you in the lime light. If you are an achiever, you can be sure of many offers of scholarships as well as jobs in your life. This has a dramatic effect on your life in which you can be assured of success in whatever field you choose.

Author Bio:

Jessica Natalie is a health and fitness lifestyle blogger who is passionate about running and wants to spread the love on her blog because she Loves Running.